Written by Rokky

15 Jan 2015

Admittedly I am a very sexual person, straight as a dye, but not homophobic or closed to suggestion, but I have amazed myself with this, and I can not stop thinking about it!

I was attending a sports conference in London UK just before Christmas, and had spent a lot of time and effort putting the work in. The conference was based at a huge private retreat in Epping, and with accomodation there as well with some very lively people and a free well stocked bar. On the first day I was basically trying to take as much in at the daily conferences and workshops, as thus was an important conference that could help make or break the coming 2015 year as a sports administrator for the huge company that I work for. Having had a busy stressful morning, I was sitting at the buffet area when I noticed what was just a pure vision. A very sexy classy female 5 foot tn inches tall with a lovely size 8/10 frame, dark short bobbed hair standing in high knee lengh boots with he tightest leather leggings and a fur short coat, I could feel myself staring at her, and when she came walking up, I thought she was going to ask what the hell was I staring at? Instead she asked me was I from the sports epic training company? I said yes, and she put out her hand and said it is me Karen from connect, I was amazed, I had spoke to Karen a few years earlier but had never noticed how sexy she was. Even whilst there talking to her, the amount of attention she got was rediculous! She was very touchy feeley and we spent the rest of the day together, we had a laugh ad watching all the male and female attention she got was both amazing and made me feel good. We met that cening after showering and a change of clothes, she wore a beautiful Orange evening dress, a designer label that looked incredible on her amazing body. He evening was a very close and intamet one, as I looked into her lovely hypnotic hrien eyes the feelings I was getting we're driving me wild. The way she looked and smelled, the way she talked, her laugh was really bold and very sexy. I decided to put my cards on the table as she had her hand under the table rubbing my thigh, I told her she was amazing and that I felt silly, being fifteen years older than her I was loving the attention of sitting with the most attractive and sxy ladies there. She shook her head and told me that she was not, she whispered in my ear that she found me a total turn on, but that this was as far as it would go! I was taken aback, wondering if I had over stepped the mark? Are you married I asked? Although there was no rings or talk of a partner, she told me there was nobody in her life, I hesitated but asked her if she was gay? She went red, and laughed, saying a sheepish no.

A band started playing and to break the moment I asked her to dance, once on the dance floor we held each other tight, and I felt like this would be as close as we would get. After that dance she asked could we leave, we walked towards her room but stopped on a little bridge with small ornamental boats floating underneath us. As we held hands she said I am so sorry, this is so awkward, I am totally attracted to you, but Ivam different. I was trying to think of what was wrong, and the. The age difference came to mind, ah I am too old for you, no she answered, it is not you, it is me. Come ugh me she said, we got to her room, she unlocked the door and asked me to sit on a chair near the bed, there was a lamp just emoting enough light to see her amazing form, do you like what you see? She asked, yes I answered, you are just perfectly beautiful. She kicked off her high heels and pulled dos the wraps of her evening dress, she then turned around as the cess fell to the floor, displaying lovely stockings and laundre, I was transfixed, she knelt on the bed as she unfastened her bra letting her gorgeous bust fall out, full and perky so very sexy. She then licked her lips as she looked me in the eye, I was as hard as a concrete post and so fucking horny, she then started o pull her sexy pants down, my heart was beating so fast, lower and lower until then I see it, her face changed ... Sorry she said, I told you this was as far as it would go, I was astonished, but not angry, still turned on and full of lust, I moved onto the bed and said oh my god, I would have never known? You are still beutuful, but I am shocked, why how, I am going to have the full surgery, but I have to wait another two years, she told me her life story, orphaned at six years of age, she always felt like a girl, when she was twelve her step father died and her step mum moved away to the Philepines to work as a nurse, when she returned from her first working day, Edward was dressed as a girl, with a wig and a little make up, her step mum was amazed, and secretly she had the little girl she had always really wanted! From that day I she was a girl, in dress and in nature, her new name was Karen. When she became an adult she started the hormone treatment and a few minor surgeries. You look just like a lady, except fir him I said as I pointed at the semi erect large penis, high I wondered how she concealed? Still turned on I kissed Karen, and the sex was absolutely mind blowing, the shape and feel of her body, her legs and arse were incredible, it felt so normal, even when she was sitting on my face as I was licking her arse out, her cock dangling hitting my face and neck, something I thought I would never do..... I licked sucked and devoured this cock for all it was worth! I could not get enough of it, and when she came I swallowed the lot. I then turned her over and fucked her so hard up her lovely arse, it was much tighter than the pussy I was use too, but smooth and warm and very silky, I did wear a condom but it felt so good. And Icame so much. We ducked and sucked for hours, and Karen asked me if this was a one off? No way, I said, you are incredible.

You may think that I am weird or strange, but this is how it happened, Karen will have the full surgery next March 2016 in Thailand. We are both very happy and it just goes to show..... Never say never. By the way, all my mates are really jealous! If only they knew!