27 Jun 2016

My buddy got married whilst I was working in europe. I returned back and we had a braai. His wife is beautiful, elegant and stylish. Secretly I always admired her beauty, she had a young appearance to her and very soft pale skin.

After a couple of drinks we started talking more freely about their sex life and how hot it is, they totally okay with it, but both very much in love and then she said she no two men can lick pussy the same. Long story short, he said i bet you I am the best, she said it depends, then he said okay lets see you my friend (me) can do it better.

not long afterwards they assured me she enjoyed being given the attention by 2 men, i loved giving the attention. He just sat in the chair watching, saying its really okay, dont worry...enjoy it...cus he will get his turn too.

As I was engulfingmy face in her pussyshe turn me on my back and sat over my face icking her from below.....then he also came in....kissing her like crazy....every now and then feeling his finger or to next to my mouth fingering her.

then suddenly he sai he wants his balls warm and wet........and moved his balls over my face......I was shocked and struggled ot move away, but something said just go with it.....it was so nice to know my friends balls was in my mouth, i really though i was being gay, but i wasnt i just enjoyed it for what it was. Never done that before, probably wouldn't again....well not plan it.

But having both her pussy flavours and his balls in my mouth was so hot, the fact tat they both enjoyed me, but more so that I could please them both. so hot.