Written by sexyrene69

25 Jan 2014

I was 16 at the time and received detention from one of my very sexy male teachers. We all found him sexy but we never said anything, besides he was a teacher. Mr Olivier was 1.8m tall, Black hair, blue eyes and tanned. You could see he worked out though he did not have bulging muscles. I got to detention and I was the only one there, a bit unfair for me. He asked me to sit in front of him so that he could see me doing my homework. I was a bit lazy when it came to homework. Detention was 2 hours and homework was done in 30 minutes. When I was done, I asked him if I could go, but he said no, the rule is we stay the 2 hours.

Anyways we got to chatting about school and boys. I turned the conversation to him and asked him about his personal life, and he surprisingly answered. I found out that he was single and loved the night life. I saw opportunity and I spread my legs a little to test the waters. I noticed his eyes shift to my legs and then back to me. I asked him if I could go to the toilet and he agreed.

In the toilet, I removed my white panty and went back to my chair. I spread my legs again, he looked again and this time he had a nawtee smile on his face...