Written by sexy babe

12 Jun 2015

Tuesday in the Bay. Boring as usual until an invite for drinks with a never met swinger was arranged. We met and got to know each other ( much younger than myself) and after a drink or two and some shots headed off to mwah's residence.

The fire inside us was so intense that I started undressing while he has pouring refreshments all the while watching me remove piece by piece of clothing, until i was butt naked. I turned him around and started kissing him pasionately removing his shirt, unbuckling his pants to find Mnr nice and hard waiting for me to start teasing him. i bent down and started licking his cock from top to bottom, taking his balls in my mouth and sucking them hard, up again to his nice shaft deep throating him while he pinched my nipples making me so horny with each pinch. He lifted me up and sat me down on top of the couch and started muffing my clit and pussy, heavens fell upon me soaking him with my squirt. He then started to finger fuck me hard fist me until I squirted and squirted my juices over his hands and floor. We ventured to the couch where we slowly started fucking deep and hard, my legs over his shoulders while he kissed me passionatly with every deep stroke into my wet pussy. Wow another amazing orgasm erupted. Bending me over he rubbed his nice hard cock over my ass and pussy slowyly entering my ass little by little deeper and deeper until his cock was so deep I could feel his balls hitting against my pussy lips. I love the feeling of being fucked in the ass while he fingered my clit until I screamed out and squirted once again. We ended up on the bed with him deepsticking me legs high above his head, in and out the deep strokes came, we both cried out with passion and he filled me with his sweet young cum. Amazing spent and drained from the intensity of the sex we laid next to each other and fell asleep.

The morning we were awaken by our sexual desire for each other and started playing, fucking ending up with him deep inside me on his haunches my ass lifted me on all fours until be exploded with ecstasy.

An amazing adventure babe