10 Apr 2016

I was driving home one hot afternoon when I stopped at a petrol station to buy some water.

Though I describe myself as a big girl, I'm what I consider thick, that means I have curves in the right places AND I love showing them off. I was wearing a tight knee-length black dress with red stilettos.

From the time I stepped out of my car till I walked into the convenience store, I could feel all eyes on me. In the store I walked towards the fridge and a metro police officer who was also buying water opened the fridge for me. We looked each other in the eyes, smiled and mumbled a hello. I reached for a bottle of water I could sense his eyes on me and all I could do was hurry it up and get out of there.

He was behind me in the queue and I was certain he was starring. I felt like i was naked, so I paid for my water and made a quick dash to my car and drove away.

About 5 minutes into my drive, I see a metro motorbike in the rearview mirror with the lights flashing. I secretly hoped it was him so I did the honourable thing and moved out of the way but this guy was stopping me.

I realised it was the same cop from the shop, maybe I'd forgot something in the shop or worse something could be wrong with my car. He led me into a slip road off the main road and there we both stopped.

He was parked just behind me and walked over to my car, I noticed his tall muscular frame and sexy walk. I shook my head these things do not really happen. So I and reached for my wallet and took out my licence. He got to my window said hi and asked for my drivers licence, which I handed over.

He walked around my car, looking at the standard stuff and came back to my window. He gave me back my licence and asked if I was a Miss or Mrs. I looked into his gorgeous green eyes and I could feel them on my thighs, I looked down and noticed that my dress had ridden up. Mrs I said, he said something about a lucky guy and we smiled at each other.

He asked where I was headed, I replied home. He said, he had just got off his shift and was headed home too. Pity, he had no one there. I knew what he was insinuating but could I do this? This was too random, even for me, but he was just soooo sexy.

He was telling me how sexy he thought I was. He said something about being attracted to black women and I was his type. He reached in and touched my thigh, i felt all the blood in my body rush to my pussy! He looked me in the eye and stroked the length of my leg. Thank goodness I'd shaved my legs. We were quietly starring into each others eyes while he did this, it was erotic, too erotic! I parted my thighs and he slipped his hand towards my pussy. As always, I had no panties on, he smiled. I gave him access to my waxed pussy, I was already wet. He started fingering me

I was gyrating to his finger when he made it 2 fingers. I grabbed his wrist and fucked his hand till I came. I stopped and said I had to go. He stood straight and i noticed that he had a huge bulge in his crotch. I smiled and drove away...

Do I regret not going home with him? Yes, all the time. I do look for him hoping he'll stop me again? All the DAMN time!