Written by cottonthong

06 Apr 2017

About a year ago I met a local gentleman off the site, initially not knowing where it would lead, after a few lengthy chats we eventually met for coffee, one of those exceptions (chemistry on all levels)... weeks turned to months and amongst that many NEW experiences for me shared with him. As a nature lover with an additional appreciation of the male AND female form his introduction of me to the "naturist" concept was new but not new in my mind or knowledge, I had never experienced nudity with others in a social gathering, nor am i self-conscious.. My understanding (and his embellishment of it) was that it was in all respects appreciation of nature and the inclusion that the naked body is part of that, the freedom to be naked without it involving any sexual connotation or threatening environment for a woman OR a man. I was hesitant at first for reasons other than the norm, PE is small etc etc. to cut a long story shorter) i considered it and joined a local group including him at the first of many "naked" braai's..... never ever once did I feel threatened or uncertain of the agendas of those present. A wonderful first experience that led to a few more until the most recent event ( i could not attend)... the dynamics of the group need not be shared, however I am one of few women that do attend. Possibly even fewer being "single". I received a private msg on the day from a member of the group (whatsapp) that began with him expressing his sadness at my lack of attendance and ended with "I would really like to "SEE" you again.... One can appreciate another persons form from afar (in mind) but to actually implicitly express it would presumably be against the rules.. so i have been led to believe.

Do I reconsider my perception of the "naturist" as agendaless unless an attractive body is present.. or motivated when there is something to "look at" and further, is it truly naturism when even the individual you would consider a seasoned vet and or respected advocate of the lifestyle, broke the rules. or stepped across the line... i have attended a few braais where my initial contact was not present, the drawcard was removed and those present had no physical interest for me. i do succumb to the knowledge that I present a "view" (body) and it is a compliment to be appreciated. I however do not "tease" .... unless he is someone i wish to.

The next one will be interesting!.