Written by bornready4fun

12 Oct 2012

Wow ............. mom always told me to stay off the tv cause the camera will break............... poor old soul if only she knew. Two nights ago me and mr were lying in bed and talking about fantasies when I decided what the heck lets be honest here so I told him about my fantasy of having sex in front of an audience like in live cam and take a video for the memories.. All that said we went to sleep and then the next day broke............

While i was chatting in the pool I asked him if he would do cam sex and boy o boy he straight away said sure why not. I continued chatting in the pool and this one lad sharkyfun asked whos going to operate the cam while we are busy and I said in a joke you off course......... within minutes all hell broke loose and things were heating up very fast. Within an hour everything was organised and the nerves started hitting me right between the eyes

Nine o clock came, kids asleep and here this stranger walked in ......................... fuck i was so nervous downed a whiskey straight away. We started setting up everything and all went to the bedroom. Off course being a first for all of us i created a pvt room with selected members and the cameras started rolling

Me and mr where naked on the bed and we started playing with one another while sharky chatted to the people and handled the cam........... fuck after only a few seconds I forgot about the presence of the audience totally and just enjoyed what mr was doing to me.............. kissing is always the best way to get this hormones rushing and while he was playing and showing off my pussy which was really wet by now he kept on smooching me oooooooooooooooooo fuck soooooooooooo great.

One thing I really didnt want to happen on tv was squirting but hell as he contnued fingering and fisting me it just happened and all control was lost and boy ooooooooooooooooooooooo boy climax after earth shattering climax.... when he started eating pussy i got hold of his cock and started sucking ......... fuck he always taste soooooooooooooo goood. Got hold of sharkys clean shaven cock and what an amazing feeling having two cocks in my hands.

After i must have reached about ten orgasm my man new what I wanted so he slide that magnificient cock of him deep inside me.............................. fuckalisious feeling of him filling me up completely and while he started slowly and deeply thrusting his balls against me ..sharkys cock was in my mouth every womans dream of having both holes filled at the same time

After some time mr stopped and they swapped now he was at my mouth with our juices combined and sharky was working my pussy hard and cumming with a bang. What a satisfied feeling seeing these two men soooooooooooooooooo relaxed. I was so horny and didnt want to stop but really needed a smokebreak so we all sat naked together and had a good laugh and read all the comments............................. That drove me insane with lust so sharky had to leave and we continued till the wee hours of the morning

Living out my fantasy in such a way and fullfilling 3 fantasies in one night is definitely a reason for me to cling to this man. I have been around the block for along time and have never met anyone with the same hunger and lust for sex...................... ooooooooooo my fuck couldnt believe a man can also be insatiable like me

Cant wait to fullfill my other fantasies and now suddenly we need more everyday so peeps and pervs keep on sending me your fantasies so that i can make sure i try it