Written by Jaswolf

12 Apr 2014

Guys and girls

Let me Tell you it is difficult to get in to the swinging scene in Namibia, it is such a small community their is 250k People living in Windhoek, and about 50k in Swakopmund, the two main swinging communities. Everybody knows everybody! literally. Plus swinging is out lawed but the morality act of Namibia so no clubs exist. As a single gent you just do not get in and if you do it is by pure luck.

I was lucky enough to impress a couple to invite me in and man what a blast.

First encounter, they invited me to their house, Hubby does not play at all (but loves his camera) and wify is hot and very horny. Get their and she is in suspenders and lace nighty in the kitchen. We kiss and fondle a bit checking each other out breaking the ice. We chat a bit and introductions and a glass of good wine.

After about 30min or so wify unzips my pants and eagerly sucks my rock hard cock and she loves my big head!

I play with her ample c cup breasts. She gets is so horny and devours my cock. spits licks and sucks my balls.

I tell her to stop I want to lick that shaven pussy u have been flaunting. she gets on to the kitchen counter. I lick her lovely clit and she moans, I open up her pussy with my two fingers and finger fuck her hard! still sucking on her clit. she orgasms shaking almost losing her balance if hubbub did not help she probably would have. I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy licking all those lovely wet juices. finishing off with kissing her so she can taste for her self she loves it!

she says she wants my cock in her pussy now! in the kitchen she bends doggy over the counter. I strap on the condom and proceed to fuck her hard and fast. Gentle spank on her sexy ass. she says do that again!! she is moaning and say to hubby fuck he fucks good while forcing her self back on to my cock with each thrust.

she stops me after a couple of minuets. takes me by the hand and leads me to the bedroom, pulls of my condom and pusses me on to the bed. mounting me in a 69 and again devouring my cock and me at her pussy. She cums again! it is bloody wonderful how her body shakes.

Now she rides me cowboy and those lovely breasts are in my face she rides me like their is no tomorrow. she is cuming and I'm about to she falls on my chest telling me not to cum!

Gets of me and rips of the condom and pours baby over my very swollen very Hard dick. and proceeds to wank me at such a furious pace I can not control my self and I shoot my load right in her face. I have probably not cum that much ever. hubby is sitting on the corner of the bed with the biggest grin on his face.

We get cleaned up head back to the kitchen.

Since that night I was invited to many more parties and the community accepted me as one of theirs!

More to come later