Written by Lady Ann

08 Apr 2018

I never intended to have a fuck buddy, nor did I intend to be on this site. But here I am, and it all started with a decision to empower myself and do something different.

About one year ago, I was getting quite bored as a housewife. Hubby was working hard, I was at home most of the time. Then one of my girlfriends suggested I take up a hobby. Anything that would get my creative juices flowing. So, after a few days of thought, I decided to pursue my interest in creative writing. I had always enjoyed writing, hence the reason I took several writing courses in university back in the day. But after having kids, I kind of forgot about it. I spoke with hubby, and he agreed that it would be a good idea for me to get involved in something I enjoy doing.

I did a bit of research online and managed to come across the advertisement of a creative writing tutor. It ticked all the boxes and was in Somerset. So I called the person, whom I thought was a woman. A man answered and I was a little surprised, but regardless, he sounded decent and I told him I wanted to pursue my passion. After explaining to me the process and the price, we agreed on a time when he would come to my house to give an introductory lesson.

It was an afternoon. Hubby was still at work, and I was waiting patiently. The bell rang and I got up to let in my tutor. Lone behold, a young, handsome man was standing there at the door. I simply thought, "wow". But I soon got serious and wanted to find out if he would be a good tutor. So I ushered him into the living room so that we could begin. He was professional, polite and explained all the basics of creative writing that we would cover in-depth over the next few weeks. I was impressed.

As soon as the intro lesson ended, I offered to make him some coffee. Then, something happened that had not happened to me in while. As I stood up to make him coffee, I caught him staring at my ass. A little offended at first, I was soon surprised by how excited it made me feel. I went to go make him his coffee. When I came back, I wanted to "test" him again. So I did the stupid "I dropped something" trick. However, it worked. As soon as I bent down to pick up the teaspoon, I glanced around and there he was, staring. This time, he noticed me looking back at him and turned away quickly.

I wasn't sure how appropriate it would be for me to seduce this young man... but I was hooked.