Written by anon

04 Sep 2015

It was last Friday night and my sexy 54 year old wife was in the bath , shaving her pussy smooth but leaving a landing strip , just as her lover of the last few months , B , liked it . B had booked a hotel room for them where they were going to meet and fuck .

Her clothes were laid out on the bed for my approval - a sexy black and red G string and bra , thigh high black stockings , a knee high figure hugging dress , and ankle high boots .

After she was dressed I looked at her - she looked stunning with her shoulder length auburn hair , blue grey eyes , high cheekbones and small but sensual mouth and great figure. No wonder that B and her other lovers enjoyed fucking her so much . I accompanied her to her car and as I kissed her goodbye , I slipped my hand into her panties , feeling her already swollen and wet pussy . I knew she was ready to be fucked then and there . I reminded her of our deal - she could go and fuck B , but she had to come home with his cum still in her pussy so that I could lick it out . My cock was rock hard and dripping in anticipation of another guy fucking my wife with my consent .

three hours later she returned , a little tipsy from the wine they had shared and flushed from the fucking earlier. She went directly to the bedroom and started undressing and lay on the bed , knees up ,legs spread wide showing me her swollen pussy glistening from B's cum as she told me about her night - B had fingered her , she came , he licked and sucked on her pussy and clit , she came again , he fucked her with his bull like cock and shot his hot cum deep into her pussy and she came again . She licked his knob , tasting their mixed juices , sucked his cock deep into her mouth , fondled his balls , wanked him till he was hard again and he fucked her, once more shooting his cum deep into her pussy .

I kneeled between her legs and smelt the aroma of her pussy and another mans cum and started licking , slurping and sucking B's cum from the depths of her pussy . There wasn't much left but I enjoyed every drop of it . I couldn't hold out any longer and as I was thinking of B's cock in J's pussy just an hour earlier , I slipped my own cock in and started fucking hard and fast cumming over the outside of her pussy and on her clit .I rubbed my knob over her clit slippery with my cum ,and she came again . both satisfied we lay in one another's arms and fell asleep .

B & J are already planning another night of fucking and I can't wait .