Written by kInky_1

15 Jan 2013

A wonderful experience happened to me this past weekend and I just had to share it with my fellow friends here. The wife and I decided to take a small break this weekend and booked into a small getaway on the natal midlands. We planned on spending some quality alone time but unfortunately the wicked 'red robot' had arrived unexpectedly for the wife and thus my weekend was fcuked. My wifes wardrobe didn't help either as she carried her sexiest of lingerie and that special pair of high heel 'fuck me' boots. I was on a constant horny rush and even after spending a few moments with madam palm I was still horny as a rabbit on viagra! My wife noticed and even joked that I may pop an artery if she didn't do anything about it. It came to saturday evening and after an early supper I decided to stay downstairs and have a beer or two and my wife went to the room, a few minutes later she bbm'd me to tell me to come up as she has a surprise for me, I went up to the room to be greeted by her dresed in the most sexy babydoll set with matching pantyhose and best of all - she kept the boots on. She asked me to relax on the bed and I least expected any of the turnouts. The most I expected was a handjob cos she isn't one for oral! She slowly undid my jeans and very slowly relased my now throbbing cock and immidiately went down on me. She made me promise not to cum in her mouth and please warn her. It wasn't long until I stopped her and expected her to finish me off with a handjob! She stood up in front of me and I was like wtf? U can't leave me like this and that's when she slipped off her panties and I wondered??? She said I'm still on my period but....and she proceeded to straddle me and I was like what's going on hun ? And she said you will enjoy it. I noticed a tampon string peeking out of her lips so I knew I can't go in there...she then took out some vaseline and lubed up my cock and slowly lowered herself onto me. It felt like pushing my cock against something sealed. We tried a few times but I just couldn't get my cock into her arse. We changed positions with her on her back and her legs in the air - this almost poked my eyes out with her high heel boots but we had a laught about it, put on more lube and tried again, I slowly slipped the tip in and she clenched down on her teeth, I asKed her if I should stop and she said just go slow...I went in a few times slow and then built up a slow rythym. The feeling of her tight ass was just incredible. I was soon having this feeling in my balls that I can't explain..I was gonna cum, and any guy can second me here- when you gonna cum you just hammer away, and that's the mistake I made, I started to thrust away and she was whimpering obviously due to pain but I couldn't help it and in a few seconds creamed her ass. I came like a firhose and just collapsed on her. A few moments later after some kissing and necking I slowly pulled out and went to shower and she went to the loo. A few embarassing farts later she joined me in the shower for a relaxing shower. The next morning at breakfast she told me she is still a bit sore and doesn't think she will do it again. But being the guy I am I know the doubt in her voice and know for certain that 'don't think' is probably a maybe. Well we've got valentines and her birthday coming up soon so maybe ill have to invest in some PROPER lube ...;-) any suggestions ??