Written by J and D

19 Aug 2018

My wife and I have always shares our fantasies and we try to make them a reality.

Perhaps my wife is too friendly but she has received some of the weirdest advances from a guy offering her a chance to pee on him too an older lady offering her a night with her 60+ husband.

So no surprise recently at a work function she was approached by one of our directors and he made an advance at her but his was different in the sense that he offerOn the way back home slightly tipsy she Decided to divulge this info and immediately I was upset. How could he mistake her for an escort. She however said calm down and went on to explain that he kept apologizing and asked if he could possibly try and make up for it in some way. Me still pissed off to say the least she said can I want to confess “ I have always wanted to try it!” Me “Try what?” Her “To be an escort. I turns me on”. Me, suddenly I realize my cock is semi hard already and she is talking in her low sexy voice. Me “So what would you like to do?”. Her “Well whatever they pay for”. Oh shit I am rock hard and she knows as she is undoing my seat belt and zipper. Her “You like that idea?” Me “I think so”. Her “Maybe we can chat a bit later about it? Let me suck your cock”. I didn’t last very long as my imagination ran wild.

When we got home no sooner were we in the door and we were going at it. The dirty talk was flowing and my wife was telling me how much she would like to be an escort. I was not holding back and asked her what she would let the client/s do to her? She responded quickly enough “Whatever they want as long as they were paying and she was into it”.

The next morning was a slow start and we ended up chatting a bit more in bed about her fantasy. So much so that we decided to place an advert on a local website

“Naughty 30s something housewife, jet black hair, blue eyes, slim and elegant ready to forfill a couple or executive Mr/Mrs desires. Discretion is key only available for adult activities no functions or parties. Open to all activities only safe play allowed”

The basics of the advert, we posted. I thought it would take sometime as I am not sure if escorting is actually that busy. To my surprise that Monday the emails and calls were coming through. My wife sorted through most and said that she had selected some to follow up on. The two that sparked the most interest Was one of a couple where the guy wanted my wife to join them/couple for fun, and explained that his wife wanted to have a bi-experience and he wanted to have another woman while his wife watched And the other that sparked interest was an elderly guy that said he needed a fuck buddy for regular fun.

She decided on the latter saying that she wasn’t exactly sold on the couple as they seemed unsure and it could have a vicious backlash.

So she arranged with Mr M for a meeting and explained that this would be her first time. Mr M said he understood and gathered as much from the advert. They agreed on fees etc and time and place was to be a local hotel and I would be present to ensure no weird occurrences.

Mr M agreed and even explained that he was interested in long term experiences as the previous escort he frequented had moved to CT.

Friday night arrived to soon and my wife had been nervous the entire week saying perhaps she had made a mistake I encouraged her to enact her fantasy, at least once to see. To be continued