Written by GiroBike

07 Feb 2014

It was a girls night out and my wife and her two friends and sister insisted on taking me with. We had a few drinks at a bar before deciding on going to a club. being in their mid to early 30s they wore mini skirts leaving little to the imagination. as I got a little tipsy I passed a comment about how I knew the colours of their knickers because they showed. They asked me to tell them. I started guessing and they would say know. Then I told them I had said every colour and surely you must be wearing one of them.

I asked to see what colour. My wife said she will show after her friends and sister. The first friend lifted her skirt turned around and she was wearing a red G-string. "See, happy now" we all laughed. The best friend lifted her skirt and flashed. She was wearing no Knickers. My wife's sister was wearing nothing under there too and she has the tightest ass. My wife was wearing nothing under there too.

Lame I know but I have never had a boner for a whole night like I did that night knowing pussy was 6 inches above skirts in that Nite Club. When I look at them today all I see is those shaven pussies from that night.