Written by GGE

06 Jan 2018

My wife decides to take me to teasers one glorious evening, she says she wants to see what the hype is all about. The guys are always raving about the place. We arrive early to avoid the crowd and to draw less attention. We pay out entrance fee and a scantily clad beauty takes us in and seats us in a booth. We order drinks to get the edge off. I can see my wife, Zel is feeling nervous and excited. I get a few rounds of shooters to help her to relax. I'm rather excited to have my wife with me to show her its not all bad. Very nice setting, she comments. How does it work, she asks. Well normally the girls will come to the table a flirt a bit and you can pay for a dance or you can make eye contact with the one you like and call her over. That's simple enough, she says. I can see the shooters are kicking in and she is now looking around the room and actually making eye contact with the girls. The DJ makes an announcement that Candy will be dancing. We are seated right next to the stage'. Candy comes on and wow she is sexy, looks like a Ukrainian girl. She starts taking of her clothes very seductively. Im really enjoying this show and so is my wife who is really taking an interest in Candy. Candy makes eye contact with Zel and they have a moment. Candy finishes her show and collects up her clothes to great cheers from the men. She heads to the change-room .

A few minutes later she appears again and is on the floor chatting to the guys. I see the girls are a little nervous about our table as they cant read the situation and don't want to make a scene. All of a sudden Candy makes eye contact with Zel and starts to head straight for our table. Honey, Candy is heading for the table, and she is looking at me. Don't worry that is her seductive stare and probably wants you, I laughed. She gets to our booth and asks if she can join us, she sits next to Zel. Something is a problem here. She strikes up a conversation with my wife and do the normal , what are you guys doing here, where are you from, stuff. Well Zel says, I thought I would bring my husband to Teasers and see what it's all about. Brave girl, Candy says. You know every man in this room is wondering what your story is as it is not normal to have a husband and wife at teasers. Wow, that is strange as I felt the vibe. I really enjoyed your dance , Candy, my wife says to her. Ow thank You , nice to have one of my own appreciating the art and not the sex part. Would you like a private dance for the two of you. What is a private dance , Zel asks, innocently. Well Candy explains, I take you guys to a private booth over there, pointing at a room. I do 4 songs for the two of you and I can strip or we can just chat. Touching is allowed but boobies only, for the horny men , but you I make an exception. Zel looks at me with surprise, she is hitting on me, is the stare. She nods without question . Candy takes Zel's hand and leads us off to the booth. She looks around and can see many guys thinking, what the hell is happening there!!!!

We are seated in the room which has some nice lounger chairs and a low table to dance on. She calls the waitress and she takes the drinks order. I see you having a good look at me when I was dancing, did you enjoy what you saw. Ooow yes, Zel replies, you were really great and flexible. Do you want a lap dance and your husband can watch. Zel looks at me and I give her the thumbs up. This could be really sexy. Candy puts on some music and grabs Zel and puts her on a stool in the center of the room. I have a great view from chair. She starts stripping sensually on Zel's lap, slowly removing her clothes and lightly brushing her breasts on my wifes. I can see someone is really enjoying this experience and she is getting rather flush. Candy takes off her panties and is now completely naked. She gets back onto my wife's lap and does her little gyration dance and slowly moving her boobs over my wife's face. She gets her cleavage over Zel's mouth and giggles. Zel has never had another women's tits in her face before. She naughtily sticks out her tongue and Candy guides her nipple to the wet spot and stops to let her caress her nipple, this is like a slow motion movie and wow is it sexy. Zel latches onto her nipple and has a good suck. She gives them a long sensual feel and gives Candy a deep look of satisfaction. Your boobs are really soft, she says. Candy finishes her dance. We need to be aware that they are watching us, we are not allowed to do the kissing stuff, but Im sure they wont mind watching. Its the horny men that are the problem. We move to the coach again all three of us and Candy is still buck naked. Candy get up and straddles me now and gives me some boob in the face, which I really enjoyed. On finishing Candy sits on the coffee table in front of us with her legs well spread, you like my pussy don't you by dear, you can touch if you want,looking at Zel. Come closer so the camera cant see what we are doing. She take my wife's hands and places it on her shaven pussy. Feel my pussy, sister. You can put your finger inside if you wish. I'm looking on with a large Bonner now, this getting hot. Zel obliges and slips a finger into Candies pussy, I could see the Candy was enjoying this attention which is different to men groping her all the time. I could see that Candy was getting really wet and this I have never seen before at any strip club. They carried on for a few minutes and eventually Zel's finger was dripping with pussy juice. She pulled out and Candy gave my wife a very seductive kiss, thank you for that, I really enjoyed it, Candy commented.

We got up pulled everything straight and left the room. While walking to the table we got some very interesting stares from the guys and the security guys had big grins on their faces. Zel looked at them sheepishly and said to hell with it, lifted her t-shirt and flashed her large 38DD tits to all to satisfy their curiosity. We left a few hours later. On the way home we had to take the N2 , the trip was normally about half an hour. Zel moans, baby I'm horny, can I suck your cock. Absolutely and she gets down to the deed. She rips out my very hard cock and starts sucking on it. With her kneeling on the passenger seat I did not realize that her ass was in full view of the passing cars and we were getting sow curious stares. Don't worry baby, they are just jealous and carried on sucking my cock. Babes I shouted we are getting to the toll you need to cover up and get descent. No baaabes, I'm enjoying this too much. I approach the toll and luckily is was a women at the cashier. I'm looking rather sheepish and she looks at me and then at my wife sucking my cock, just then Zel lifts her head and reveals my very wet and hard cock, this is sooo good she tells the cashier. The cashier just laughs. As we pull off a bunch of guys in the car that just passed us open their window and shout, nice pussy baby and gives me the thumbs up. What was that all about baby, they probably commenting on your ass and panties when they drove past earlier. No babes, I think they are talking about my pussy, I forgot to put on my panties this evening. Just that instant I erupted into her mouth, who can take that type of news when your wife is sucking your cock. What a night. (Part 2 to follow soon) Story based on some truth!!!!!!