Written by paulus

07 Dec 2014

well i have just had the strangest experience ever!! i play as my wife, Julie has no interest in sex what so ever, when we do get things on its always initiated by me and in the 25 years we have been married the only BJ I have had is when i am with someone else!!! well to cut a long story short my wife has been promoted and she had to go to Munich to meet her boss. It was a fly out, meet, my wife's promotion rubber sealed and fly home trip. three days away, two flying!! well we spent this weekend at Sun City as the wife's boss, Michelle, was in SA for the first time, her husband Stefan, a keen golfer had initiated the trip to coincide with the million dollar.

All Sefan wanted ti do was party and play golf, I was the fall guy, not that i mind. i love a party a few beers and although i love to play, mainly because i can have a few dops and a laugh i play shit golf!

Due to the late bookings etc, we could not get a game at Lost City, the girls headed to the spam,we headed to Peakanwood, met some of my mates and played the corse, a few beers to start, some on the cart and plenty more before we headed back with the driver to the Palace! We where supposed to take the girls for an evening out!!

Stefan, a great guy, as bad as i am at Golf, was finished. we had a dop or two in the car and arrived, not showered and drunk at the Palace, Stefan also would not listen and besides too many beers had only used sun block before we started, he looked like the inside of a water mellon!!

Needless to say when i got to the room my wife, took one look at me, laughed and i think thought nothing of it, after all i was picked to entertain Stefan for a reason!! i love to party, i love a dop and don't really care what i am supposed to do or how much trouble i will be in!!

what followed was, after 25 years of marriage fucking unbelievable!!

i was in the shower when Julie said she was going to Michelle as Stefan was passed out, had fallen and missed the bed! what a legend, one day in SA and doing what all SA men have done once or twice! i got out the shower noticed a bottle of champers on ice, so helped myself!!

i was bust drinking, towel around me when the door opened and i could hear two ladies laughing, my wife calling my name and Michelle and Julie entered the room. Julie and Michelle where dressed to go out, Julie in a LDB, Michelle, well i skin tight red dress, a dog collar an most surprising to me she is a slinky black lady, similar build as my wife maybe a bit shorter, stunning tits and i could see her underwear lines!! Julie and Michelle talked like i was not there, wrapped only in a towel an my interest growing for all to see!!

Julie suggested i pour a glass for the two of them, i moved to do so but felt my towel being pulled away, Julie had it in her hand and was giggling and stated to Michelle, that even though she had very little interest in sex i was always horny!!

The next thing i knew we where sitting on the settee, me naked and the two of them on each side, Michelle, soon out of her dress, her bra struggling to keep her tits under control, i noticed that when she moved they bounced, fuck i was in a trance watching them, she had a small lace matching thong on, i was as hard as hell! Julie had on a black bodice!! fuck i was not sure what to do!!

Julie asked me if i wanted them both, i could not lis, my dick was standing to attention! i had one hand on Julie s butt and she leaned across and lowered Michele's bra fuck where was i and what should i do, Julie took control!! she leaded across and was sucking Michelle's tit. i was fingering Julie so started to finger Michelle, both of them pushed me off and took their panties off, they lay back on the settee and spread their legs, Julie told me go go down on Michelle, i did as i was told and Julie set about sucking her tits!!

we where like this for a few minutes when Julie stated that she needed my dick in her, pushed me back and climbed on, Michelle sat on my face, the two of them kissing while i was being used, no complaints from me though!!

they swopped positions, i was fucking Michelle, my wife sitting on my face, fuck i was in heaven!! Julie pulled me out of Michelle and while Michelle sucked her pussy she was blowing me off!

Michelle then wanted me to fuck her in the ass, i had never got this right with Julie, slowly Michelle lowered herself down on me, her ass was tight, after a minute or two Michelle asked Julie if she wanted it in the ass, when Julie said we had never tried it, Michelle insisted. Julie slowly lowered her virgin ass down on my dick, two strokes later i was going to cum, i told them!

Michelle and Julie, rolled around, Michelle deep throated me and i blew my load, some in her mouth some over both faces and some over both sets of tits, then they ignored me kissed each other they cleaned the cum of themselves, Michelle, picked up her clothes put Julie's bath robe on and left!

Julie and i fucked again, i asked her what happened? she told me to thank my luck stars,that nothing in our sex life will change, i was a lucky boy, and rolled over and went to sleep, that was Friday, today the golf ended Michelle and Stefan have left back to Germany and i have a constant hard on thinking about what happened.