Written by jackd

18 Aug 2017

This is a true story and only names have been changed no venues were named. The story is about what happened and what lead to happen and somewhat what went on in my mind.

My wife whatsapped me 2 weeks ago, saying their work colleague from a different branch was taking their work team out for some drinks. of course I didn’t mind, cause I knew he wanted to fuck her from the day she started working there.

About 2 hours later, I got a message saying she was shocked, I asked why, and she said he walked her to her car and he kissed her, immediately I told her to fuck him or bring him home, ill go drink a beer somewhere. But that didn’t happen, as she was on her way back home. When she came home she asked if I was shocked, I said yes, but also made me very horny, I had mixed emotions as I knew he had plans with her, as he told her a couple of times when he had too much to drink at work functions. I asked her if she kissed him back, she said yes, and she liked it. I asked her to kiss me the way she kissed him, and it was so horny, I told her you know you are getting fucked tonight right, and she nodded with a smile.

We each took a bath to get nice and clean. The sex was wild that night as we did role-playing that I was Mr. B. we went on about her wanting to suck his big fat cock and him fucking her bareback and so on.

My wife is a mother of 2 kids, she’s got a nice curvy body and a very sexy ass with a pair of 36Ds ,a bit shorter than me with the cutest feet. Long dark hair.

So the next day came and Mr. B was at the office again, she felt strange, as she didn’t know what to expect, but he kept it professional in the meetings. After the meeting, he came to her and apologized. So we all wrote it off to the wine and being tipsy.

That night we had amazing sex again, me still role-playing I was Mr. B. she loved it. As I asked her if she would seriously fuck him, at first she hesitated, but said, if I want her to fuck him, she would. I told her I want this, and she agreed that she would fuck him if the occasion arises.

2 days later she got a call from Mr. B, and he told her he is going to plan a meeting and that she would be the only one invited. He will talk to her boss, so no one suspects anything. So the sex was super amazing again that Thursday night. The whole weekend we just fantasized about Mr. B and my wife, we couldn’t get enough as our sex life was great again for the time being.

Monday she told me he is coming to the office for some contracts that needs to be signed during the week, but she doesn’t know when. My heart was pumping, so was hers. He called her, but she missed the call. She tried calling back, but didn’t answer. I was having mixed feelings about this, as I was thinking, can he make her life miserable at work, what if his wife finds out, what if her colleges found out. Would she be the office slut?

She said we have to make up our minds as we can’t go back and forth the whole time. If he arranges something with her boss, there’s no stopping it. I was still having issues, as she’s never played without me before as well. I was almost experiencing an anxiety attack of all the stress. And didn’t know what to do. I wanted it so bad, but also didn’t want it to happen. But when I thought about it not happening, it made me feel some disappointment.

Finally I told her that she knew I played alone before and I gave her the decision and that I wouldn’t be mad if she went ahead. But I had rules…. She had to tell him, that if they fucked, that this won’t change anything in her work and that he is not allowed to make her life miserable, she’s not cheap or easy and this might only be a onetime thing. So if he agreed on these terms, she’s got my permission.

I started to chat with him on whatsap, sending some nudes of internet girls back and forth. I asked him if I can send him another pic, but he must delete it after looking at it. He agreed. I sent a pic of my wife’s boobs, he said wow, that’s nice, he then send me a video of a swingers party and asked me to delete it as he didn’t want my wife to know. I told him no I’m not, as my wife would also like to see the video. After all she picked the pic that I sent to him, he asked who the girl was, I said it’s my wife, he was shocked, but thanked me, and told me I had an awesome wife and awesome marriage. But still he doesn’t know we are swingers. I told him. Mr. B, if you want to fuck my wife, you have my permission. He flipped and said no way, he’s got too much respect for us and sees us as great friends. I said yea well, if you want to you can, that’s my fantasy. But he still declined.

So we thought we messed up, what now? How is our sex life going to recover from this? We had so much fun with this. Now we will have to find a new kink.

The next week Tuesday morning he called my wife’s boss, saying he is planning a meeting with some of the workers to find out what they want out of their careers, and that my wife is first. They must not let the other people know, as this was not for all, just for the promising individuals.

My wife’s boss informed her that she had a meeting with Mr. B on Wednesday. She called me, and was very nervous, me too.

He called her and told her that he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable and she must tell him if she is. She said no, she can handle it. (At this stage we didn’t know what he actually wanted. Was he looking to fuck her or just kiss or what). He told her to wear a skirt (easy access I thought immediately)

So Tuesday night came and I was watching my wife shave her legs and armpits and pussy for another man, I was not allowed to fuck her that night as I might change my mind when I had an orgasm. (I’m one of those unlucky people that feels loathing after I cum – that’s why I never cum when we have playmates). I was so horny, but agreed that I won’t fuck her.

Wednesday started off with 2 stressam pills for me. I couldn’t handle the stress on my own.

At 11:30 she told me she was going to the venue where they are having their “meeting”. I told her to please let me know when she’s there, and when she’s back at work, so I know my angle is safe.

I saw on her status that she has been online at 11:52 and now it’s 12:10, so I knew they were maybe chatting about my rules and so. At 12:44 I knew they were fucking, as she would have told me they were just chatting otherwise. 13:12 I was out of my mind, I was at work, I wanted to go home, I couldn’t handle the stress anymore. What if he choked her out of passion and he killed her by accident. What then? What would I do? I didn’t want to call her and maybe spoil her fun.

O fuck, finally she read my messages, and said she would call me in 10 minutes.

15 minutes went by, still no call. As I took out a cigarette, she said I need to call her. I called and asked her tell me what happened. She said they sat at the bar, had some wine, spoke about her rules, and then Mr. B said they must go to the room. I asked her, did you guys fuck? She giggled and said yes they did. That’s all I wanted to hear and said ok, I love you, see you tonight after work, then we can discuss the details. Felt like 3 months till 17:00. My heart was pumping the whole time.

On my way home, I asked her to answer me a couple of questions before I get home.

1 - did you suck his cock – yes I did.

2 – Did he play with your pussy – yes he did, muff and 69.

3 - how big is his cock – thicker than yours but shorter.

4 – Was he clean in terms of smell and hygiene – yes but not clean shaven.

5 – Was he a gentleman – yes he was.

6 – Did you fuck him with a condom – no they tried but he was too stressed out and couldn’t keep it hard in the condom.

7 – Where did he cum – on my tummy.

8 – How long did you fuck – not long, the foreplay was longer.

Please don’t be mad about the condom, she said, no I wasn’t, I’m just glad he didn’t cum in you.

When I got home, she told me the whole story in her own words:

We were sitting at the bar and had 2 glasses of wine, I asked him what his intentions are, Mr. B said, well we are here now, so I want to fuck you. I laughed, and told him that I’m not a slut, I love my husband very much and he may not make my life difficult at work or any other place. He agreed and said it’s his first time doing this, he is so scared. You’ve got a cool marriage and he wished he had one like this. I asked him how long he wanted to fuck me for, he said for about 10 years, but she was too young at that time and he was afraid she would get feelings for him as she’s right out of school. She said that’s good, as he is also not allowed to develop feelings for her, she will never leave her husband.

When we drank our wine, he said ok, let’s go to the room. Once inside, we started to kiss passionately. I told him to give me a minute to freshen up, I took along another dress, so the one I had on doesn’t wrinkle. When I came out of the bathroom, he was standing next to the bed with just his boxers, we kissed again and feeling each other up a bit. I told him to sit on the bed as I pulled down his boxers. I started to suck him, he was hairy down there, as he couldn’t shave due to his wife might think wtf?

His cock was very thick, but not as long as yours. He then said I must lay on the bed, as he laid next to me, we kissed and his hands were all over my body, playing with my boobs and pussy. He fingered me, then he went down to my pussy and finger fucked me while he was licking my clit. He even licked my ass, which was a surprise. I was moaning with pleasure and he said he didn’t know I was a moaner in bed, I didn’t even realize I was making that much noise and that people can hear us. We then moved into a 69 position, lying on our sides, it felt so good. He then asked me to lay on my back he wants to fuck me. I gave him a condom, but he went limp as soon as it was on. I took it of and laid 69 on top of him, trying to get him hard again. It didn’t work, so I climbed on top of him grinding my pussy on his cock. That didn’t work either so I sucked his fat cock again until he was hard. I then laid on my back again and he pushed his cock in me. He said he was sorry that he won’t be able to last long as his been thinking of this moment for a long time. We fucked for about 5 minutes then he said he was almost going to cum. I then pushed myself to cum for the second time. The first was when he ate my pussy. He pulled out of me and came all over my stomach. I cleaned up and put my clothes back on, we went to the bar again to drink another drink and to just make Smalltalk. He also told me about the other people he knew was fucking in the firm.

Till this hour of this day, I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do. Although he cant make any real decisions about her work life and his not her boss anymore and that he doesn’t come here often, maybe 3 times a year. But the sex was amazing last night, and we feel much closer to each other again, just like when we play with couples.

He said he would like to keep this time a secret from me, but the next time he would like it if I join them, so he can also experience a threesome. If this happens, I wil surely tell him and I knew everything from the start, and if it wasn’t for me, he would not have got the chance to fuck my wife. Any thoughts?