Written by Anonymous

19 Feb 2019

So it was a lonely Monday morning and I had some time to kill during the day.

I saw a post under dogging by a popular couple that they would be visiting AW that morning. Thinking I could make it in time I forgot how terrible traffic from the North to West could be and the 100s of traffic lights out of order. I eventually get there just after 12 and Im told not just the one but 2 couples had left. I pay and enter the cinema area nontheless and browse around. About 5 guys roaming and some porn blaring on the 2 TVs, one gay the other straight.

In the one small dark "room" is catch a glimpse of a guy getting a blow job and I am invited in. My oh my what a surprise its a hot sexily dresses crossdresser, wig, fishnets heels and the lot. I waste no time and whip out my cock for a hot blowjob as well. The other guy leaves the room and its just the 2 of us. I cant help it but blow my load. I clean up not like theres a lot to as she took almost every drop in her hungry hot mouth . I continue walking about and find a quite spot to enjoy the porn.

A hotly built white guy stands next to me and starts touching my buldging crotch. I dont stop him. Next thing he is on his knees unzipping me and sucking me to a raging hard on. He starts running a finger around my butt hole and it feels amazing. God im in heaven. He senses my exctasy and turns me around to give a good rimming. Damn this bloke can eat ass and im all his now. I am asked to bend over slightly holding onto a seat for support still in full few of the others and then I feel that sensation of having his manhood enter me. He starts riding this Indian ass good and building such a good pace. For a good few moments and he pulls out starts sucking me and wanks himself to a good shot of cum all over. I cum for the 2nd time. Clean up and get my clothing straightened. I see the group watching us had moved to the dark room where the sexy crossdresser is getting pounded by a few guys.

At this point I am drained and decide to leave. From expecting to see a couple and enjoying a dogging experience perhaps joining, to ending up with a great m2m experience. Guess being bisexual is the best of both worlds.

Lovely venue, wasnt too busy I sense it could get crowded. Staff helpful, place is neat and clean. Overall fantastic for dogging and swinging fun. Hope to be a frequent visitor and hopefully meet some other regulars and of course join some couples for NSA fun.

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