Written by Brumia - Bruce

13 Sep 2016

It has long been one of my desires to watch, at very close quarters, two ladies really enjoying being with one another, having a really good time together. I was able to enjoy this to a limited extent for the first time a few weeks back, when M and I spent a most enjoyable morning with another couple, and the ladies gave us guys “a bit of a show” to start with. But we had spent too long in the beginning just chatting and getting to know each other, and due to time constraints we gents entered into the action quite quickly, which put an end to much of the lady / lady fun… This latest time, things were a little different!....

M was contacted by the hubby of a different couple (not members of this site), who had obtained her number from a mutual acquaintance. They were looking for a couple with a bi-lady, with a view to serious play. M and I were both keen, and so we arranged to meet them at their home, agreeing we would first chat and then “take it from there.” Meanwhile, M also started chatting with the wife (R) on whatsapp, and they were getting on really well together. When we visited, hubby (J) was unfortunately not able to be there, having not been able to get away from work as he had expected. We had a most enjoyable morning chatting with R over tea and coffee (one of the things she mentioned in passing was that she was only wearing panties because she had a strange man visiting!), but the nett result was that we agreed that we would meet on another occasion to play, when hubbyJ could join with us, as he wasn’t keen for her to be playing on her own. He gave R a date when he expected that he would be finished with the current project and able to take time off at work, and R and M made the arrangements. This would unfortunately only be in ten days time, as I was not available to meet over the weekend. I was just told when I needed to be at the venue!

Here’s a bit of a digression - Two days later, M received an invite from J and R to visit them on the Saturday evening and to sleep over (even though she had not yet met hubbyJ)! So it looked like R was pretty keen! M told me all the detail afterwards…. When she arrived, there were other folks there for a braai, so they had to act all innocent until the other guests headed home. Then R went off to bath, while J did some tidying up. M went and sat in the bathroom with R while she bathed, then when R got out M decided that she would bath again (despite having bathed just before she left home to go to their place). Once she was done, the two ladies returned to the bedroom to find J already naked in bed waiting for them.

Then their fun and games began. With J in the middle, the two ladies spent much of their time lavishing their attentions on him, but were also able to attend to each others' needs. M orgasmed with J kissing her and massaging her tits while R finger-fucked her. J then fucked M while R kissed and fondled her boobs, bringing her to orgasm again, but she told him to stop and pull out before he came, so he would be able to keep going. They then turned their attention to R, both doing all the things that she wanted, with J then fucking her until she came. Once she had eventually orgasmed (I was told she takes quite a while in the build-up, but it’s really worth it when it happens!), she just wanted to roll over and go to sleep. Although M too wanted to sleep, J kept playing with her through most of the night, again fucking her early in the morning, while they tried hard not to wake R! They all apparently enjoyed that evening together, and hubbyJ got to experience some of the lady / lady action that he too wanted.

Back to my treat - On the day when we were all to get together, I arrived at the hired venue just on 10:00, our arranged time. M was standing outside chatting to the landlady, but disappeared inside as I drove past to the parking around the back. I saw only M’s car in the parking, and made the assumption that J and R must still be on their way. Taking my bag from the car I walked back to the entrance of our room, and entered the open door. M was waiting for me just inside the doorway, and hugged and kissed me as I entered.

As we ended our embrace, I became aware that there was someone else in the room - R was sitting in one of the lounge chairs silently watching us with a big smile on her face! I greeted her, while looking around to see where hubbyJ might be, thinking he could perhaps be in the bathroom. The two ladies were enjoying the puzzled look on my face! I asked where hubbyJ was, was he still on his way? They explained that he was not going to be able to make it, as his work project was taking longer than expected, and the ladies didn’t want to cancel the appointment we had made. Once they realised that J was not going to be able to make it, the ladies had decided that they would still go ahead to provide me with some FF fun! M had gone to collect R from her home. R said – “you’re on your own today”! I asked if hubbyJ was really okay with us meeting up without him present, given his reservation expressed previously. They assured me that he had said he was okay with it, he had just said they needed to take pics while we were busy, and send them to him, to keep him “informed”…

I put down my bag and car keys, and went to give R a hug and a lingering kiss (our first) of welcome. M closed and locked the door. Standing in different parts of the room, we started undressing. I watched R as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse, and next her tight leggings. True to the comment she had made the day of our first meeting, this time she wasn’t wearing any panties. Seeing her standing in just her bra, I moved over to “assist” her, just in time to cup her big boobs as she shrugged out of her bra straps, gently pinching her nipples between my thumb and fingers. M had meantime also quickly shed her dress and panties. The two ladies were naked, while I still had a way to go...

The ladies got onto the bed while I continued to remove my clothing. And they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Immediately they were kissing, then their hands reaching for each others' boobs, and soon groping and probing pussies. I stood at the bottom of the bed watching, determined not to intervene early and interrupt the magic. It didn’t take long before M was starting to moan in enjoyment. She had told me, from her previous experience, that R took a lot longer than her to reach orgasm, but they were both writhing and cooing and moaning, their lips and their fingers obviously doing very pleasurable things to each other. Soon it was evident that M was about to orgasm, as her moans got louder, and soon she told us and the whole guesthouse that she was CUMMING!

Once her orgasm started to subside, she slid down to where she could lick R’s pussy, and started to muff her with gusto. Up to this point I had just been watching, wanking gently as I took in all the sights and sounds (lots of sounds!) of this new experience. I moved up the side of the bed closest to R, and again started fondling and then sucking on her boobs with their big nipples, while she reached out and took over wanking me. After a while I took over M’s position, and licked this new pussy, while M turned her attention to R’s boobs and R got her fingers back into M’s pussy. M came again from R’s finger-fucking, and then it was evident that R’s own orgasm was getting closer. She was raising her hips rhythmically and pushing her clit back down hard on my tongue, and her guttural moans were getting more audible and more frequent. My tongue did have to work hard to bring her to her climax, but it was SO worth it in the end! She clamped her thighs around my head as she came, shaking and quivering. Once she released me with her thighs, I moved up, wiped my face on a handy towel, and kissed her while probing with my dick. She was so wet that I had no problem entering her, but rather a problem in staying entered! Conscious of her husband’s hesitancy about our playing with his wife without him being present, I did not fuck her for long, dismounted and rolled onto my back, and M immediately gave me a long and very satisfying BJ, making me come in her mouth and swallowing every last drop, then kissing me to show me it was all gone…

We lay back relaxing on the bed, M and I leaning back against the headboard, R happily sitting facing us with her legs spread apart. We chatted comfortably about different things, then suddenly realised that we had not even taken any photos, let alone sent anything to hubbyJ. R decided it was too late and there would be no point anyway. As we chatted we were stroking each others' bodies, and soon my dick was responding again, hardening. M decided that she wanted to try riding cowgirl-style, but it proved to be too soon and I had not yet adequately recovered. Instead R and I turned our attentions to M and quickly brought her to orgasm again, and we then decided that it was time to start packing up to leave. A quick wash up and we dressed, and then took R back home.

Afterwards there was a message from R, saying that she was in trouble as we had not taken any pics and sent them to J.

He was grumpy! Apparently he had felt he could get away from work and join us, and was just waiting for the pics to confirm that there was fun happening, and he would have come through… Sorry J, we were just having way too much fun to think about taking pics! And at the end of the day, he had had his time alone with the two ladies the weekend before. This time, perhaps largely because he wasn’t there, it had turned into a very pleasant time for the ladies to be together, with minimal interference on my part… they seemed to enjoy it that way, and so did I!