27 Feb 2019

This is a continuation of an earlier story.

I lay on my bed flipping through channels thinking what the hell did i just do. I walked to the kitchen for something to drink and i could here sobs from the spare room.

I noticed the door was ajar so i knocked no answer and then i opened the door and entered. Val (not her real name) was sitting on the bed sobbing. I put an arm around her shoulders and asked her whats wrong. She said first she left her hubby for fooling around and ironically she has done the same thing and the other part is she has betrayed her sister.

I explained to her maybe her hubby didn't intend cheating it was something that happened in the spur of the moment like with us. People make mistakes and you have to forgive them you can't be rigid. She replied and what about her sister. I informed her that due to us begin apart for long periods we have an open relationship so i doubt there would be any issues. Infact Michelle( not her real name),my wife, had fantasies about a swap with Val and her hubby.

Being a Friday i asked her to think about her marriage and i could invite Des( not his real name)over for a braai on Saturday if she wanted to try and patch up. A few minutes later she said she'd like to patch up but didn't know how Des felt.

Mich arrived from work i took her in the room explained the situation and said I'm going out to meet Des have a drink or two and see what is his stance on his relationship.

Des met me a the local pub we had two beers each and i said can we go for a drive i don't want people overhearing our conversation.

I explained to him that Val would like to get back together with him and he was delighted. We were parked at the beach sipping on some whisky we'd bought enroute. Des was delighted Val was ready to come home. We downed our drinks and poured another. Des wasn't much of a drinker and after another two drinks his hand found my knee.

As we continued chatting and drinking he started stroking my leg up my thigh. I was wearing shorts and never moved his hand or said anything. I guess he got bolder or drunker and his fingers found the tip of my hardening cock.

The sun hard set and it was dark outside the beach parking was quiet and we were parked in a corner as we didn't want to be caught for drinking in public.

I took the dive i got out the vehicle walked around opened Des door took out my cock and instructed him to suck. The man never replied he just took my cock in his mouth and started bobbing his head. My cock grew hard in his mouth. He stopped and said for a long time he has wanted my cock in him i said shut up and suck you about to get it. Des sucked my cock for long and i wasn't cumming i had emptied my sacks in his wife Val earlier.

He complained his jaws were sore so i said step out lean over the seat and drop your jeans. We didn't have any lube but i had condoms i slipped a rough rider on and was balls deep in his ass. Alot of thoughts were going through my mind about the threesome i wanted tonight with his wife and mine. About how i fucked his wife 6hours ago now i was pounding his ass of too. The erotic thoughts made me cum. I whisked the condom off and cleaned my member with tissue. Des made me promise never to let anyone know he is a bi bottom. I promised I'd keep it a secret and he promised he'd be my bitch.

These two weeks off was promising to keep my nut sack empty.