Written by Anonymous

26 Jul 2019

This happened a few years ago. I have my own business and call on clients once a week at their homes.. I have this client who is a stay at home mom ..and we have always got along very nicely have lots of chats about different things in life...She always smells so nice everytime I am there and is very well groomed and can she she looks after her self ..We had been chatting for a while and she keeps asking me if I chat to allot of clients like we chat and I said no I only enjoy her company and like chatting to her...i didnt think anything of it and went along my merry way...during the day I got a WhatsApp from her saying she was bored and would I mind if we continued chatting together so I said no problem ..we chatted the whole week on and off swopping funny pics and jokes and just general chat..she kept saying to me that she love chatting to me and she does not get this attention ar her house from her hubby..I said I didn't mind as I kinda like chatting to her as well. Was my day to go to her place to do some work she told me she cant wait to see me today has something to show me ...so I said ok cool cant wait lol...when I got to her she told to follow her into the garage and shows me this new car she just got from hubby ....told me to get in I at in the drivers side and she stood next to me as I turned around all I could see was her perfect boobs pointing into the car....I could not keep my eyes off the lol...she asked me if I liked it and I stumbled the words out huh mmm yes I do she says to me am I distracting you ...and she giggles I said yes you are but it's ok I say i dont mind she giggles..She comes around and sit in the back seat and tells me to join her as I very tall and wants to see if there is lots of leg room at the back....so I join her in the back seat .we are chatting about the car she moves her hand towards my crotch and says I am distracted now do I mind if she feels so I said no problem she starts to rub my now semi hard cock..until he is hard and throbbing..before I k ow she has my pants open and has my cock in her mouth lick and sucking my cock all over taking it into her mouth ....mmm I cannot take it any more she is so good at this...she takes off her top and skirt she did not have any panties on she leans back opens her legs and I know what she wants I start to slowly insert my finger into her now willing and waiting pussy .I have my other hand over ther boobs getting her nipples hard I can hear her moaning gently..I cannot believe this is happening. I start to lick and finger fuck her clit together she is so wet I can taste her sweet nectar all over my lips and tounge ...she is moaning louder ....she pushes my head away and says I must break in her back seat with her and says to me please fuck me now ....she bends over into the doggy style position and I insert now my hard and very horny cock and very willing and wanting pussy we start to fuck together slowly at first then getting faster and faster it didn't take long for us both of us to cum....we slump onto the back seat and lay there a while in each others arms we get dressed and I leave her with a long li goring kiss on her lips....As you can imagine what our WhatsApp chats contained after that...