Written by Kdpfun

10 Mar 2017

This happened a few months ago.. I responded to a advert on another site. The lady and I started chatting via email and then eventually moved on to WhatsApp. I have never done this kind of thing before but have had a urge to do it for a while having an affair..I know lots of people would judge me and her but I don't worry about people like that ...We chatted along time over WhatsApp and where getting to know each other swoped face pics but that's all we swopped she is in a very complicated marrige and has absolutely no sex life at home and mine is also nearly non existent ...We chatted for a few weeks and we decided to meet up for a coffee and we made arrangements to meet in randburg ...We met up and as she walked up to me she was different but nicer than what she explained to me about herself ...We chatted for about 5 minutes and then said she needs to go she has a meeting ...I thought right here's we go this won't happen ..She left I left after about 30 minutes I get a message saying she is so sorry but she really had to go but wants to see me again . So I said let's do this again next week so we did went for a coffee and chatted nearlly the while afternoon getting to know each other ...We chatted more over a few weeks and out of the blue she stopped talking to me again ...Here we go again I said to myself one Monday morning I get a message from her saying she is at home would I like to come around for coffee so I said ok...I was nervous this been the first time for me messing around I went over and she invited me in we chatted for a while drank coffee chatted more but know what we both wanted she was in a pair of jeans and a white shirt but I could see the link bra underneath she came over and sat next to me and said are we doing this or wasting time drinking coffee....We started to kiss wow she was a good kisser we frenched kissed for a few minutes I started to kiss her neck front and back had my hands all over her body ....I removed her top and bra exposing her very sexy boobs and now very erect nipples I started to nibble and suck at tits getting her harder I moved my hand down to her jeans and removed them she had no panties on at all she has such a sexy body for a women who has had 4 kids ...I start to finger her now getting her pussy juices flowing wow she was so wet she removed my clothes now my cock so hard and had precum already she started to wank my cock and stood up and kneeled in front of me and started to suck my cock like it has never been sucked before she knows what she is doing in that department my cock was throbbing for her she stopped and smiled and said I must tounge fuck her pussy ...She lay down and on the couch I opened her legs wide and I started to finger her now very wet pussy again playing with her clit getting her more wet while in doing this I move down and I start to fuck her with my tounge and finger at the same time mmmm she is so wet I can hear her groaning and she is saying fuck that is good babes I carry on her pussy juices are flowing all over my finger and mouth she is so wet ....She stops me and takes the condom from the table and put it on my cock tells me to sit and she climbs on my cock and she begins to ride me hard and deep my cock is going in so deep she is riding my cock her tits bouncing up and down in front of me she is moaning and we cum together I blow my hot cum information the condom wow she slumps over me and we lie on the couch for a bit my cock still inside her kissing and touching mmmw so good .. will see here again soon ...