Written by Anonymous

23 Sep 2014

I'm writing this story anonymously for obvious reasons . I have a few stories to tell and will do so as I remember them .

I'm a bi guy so I have had experience with males and females and my stories will include both .

A few years ago my wife M and I went camping with vanilla friends T and his wife C and their daughter P for 2 weeks at the coast .

.P is 22 and very sexy - short dark hair , brown eyes , perky boobs and long shapely legs , where M and C are late 40s and shapely as well as attractive.. M , T and P preferred to stay on the beach tanning and swimming while C and I preferred to take long walks along the shore exploring the rock pools, picking up shells , squashing bluebottles etc and generally having a fun time .we would often swim together on these walks and I loved the way her nipples would harden in the cool wind once we were out of the water , as well as the way her bikini bottom outlined her obviously shaved cameltoe . she would see me looking and just look the other way and pretend not to notice . I never wear undies while on holiday and I also caught her looking at the outline of my cock in my baggies as I came out of the water and I also pretended not to notice her looking . there was a definite sexual attraction between the two of us ,although neither made a move on the other until about 8 days into our stay . the other 3 wanted to go to town to get more beers ,meat and other refreshments . C and I said that we wanted to do the normal , and go swimming and walking on the rocks , which we did .

we walked quite a distance exploring , and decided to go for a swim . this day I wore cotton rugby shorts instead of my baggies .

after swimming a while , we walked along the beach chatting ,trying to dry in the sun as neither of us had thought to bring a towel .my rugby shorts were chafing my inner thighs and I complained to C about it . she jokingly said I must take them off and let them dry on the rocks - I had already thought of doing this but didn't want to suggest it . C said not to worry , she wouldn't look . so pretending to reluctantly take them off , I did .we were behind a small outcrop of rock with nobody near us .my cock was starting to swell with the thought of being exposed so close to her as well as from the heat of the sun on it ,and the more I tried to calm it down , the harder it got until it was raging hard and aching from the swelling. I tried to hide it with my hands as we made idle chatter , but her curiosity got the better of her and she tried to sneak a look . At that time I thought "what the hell " and pretended to look at something in the opposite direction . I heard her say "Mmmmm" almost under her breath, and turned around to ask " what ?". she nodded in the direction of my cock and said "Nice " . Taking the opportunity I asked if she would like to see more , and dropped my hands to my sides so that she could see my whole hard cock , foreskin pulled back , knob shiny and already dripping with pre cum , and my shaven balls hanging low in the midday heat . "lets not waste that " she said indicating my dripping pre cum and moved closer , rubbing the slippery juice all over my knob . I didn't say a word , instead leaned back allowing her to do as she pleased . she moved closer , now sitting between my legs , her left hand cupping and fondling my hanging balls , her right hand slowly stroking the whole length of my shaft . I could feel my cock throbbing as she stroked it expertly , watching my body language and speeding up her stroking as she saw my muscles tensing with pleasure . I felt my orgasm building from my ass to my balls to my knob and as I groaned "I'm gonna cum " I shot one , two , three loads of cum up onto my stomach and chest . she milked the last few drops of cum from my knob and let it fall onto the rocks as my cock was slowly softening . "Do you feel better now ?" she asked . "oh yes , dammit that was good ." I replied ,"but what about you ?" "never mind " she said , "my turn will come later "

With that we got up and made our way back to the campsite . my shorts were still damp and uncomfortable , but after such a nice unexpected wank , I didn't really care . the others weren't back from town yet , so we had some time to compose ourselves before they arrived . that night , around the campfire , C would walk past me and brush her boobs against my arm , her fingers resting on mine fleetingly as she handed me a drink , and whenever she caught my eye she smiled knowingly .