14 Sep 2016

The next day coming to work I already had a very hard dick in my pants, Christys hot wet pussy had me by the balls, I get to the office first in the morning as I’m pulling into the parking, I see Christy is smoking and wearing I sexy summer dress, i motion for her to come over she gets in the passenger side.

I lean in and kiss her deep, then ask why you here so early, she said her BF is going away for a few days and had to leave early for she asked him to drop her off as she knew I would be at work.

She told me her pussy has been wet since she left the previous day, I slowly move my hand up her leg to find she didn’t even wear panties today.

Any man that knows a woman isn’t wearing panties it’s like your cock can smell that hungry pussy.

I fingered her for a good 10minutes until 1 of the trainers arrived. My seat was soak and her pussy juice was so yummy, licked my hand clean but didn’t wash it.

We went into work giving her ass a lite slap as we part ways.

The day was a normal one until lunch time, Christy comes into my office n closes the door and says look at my pussy is going crazy, I lift her dress and she is soaking wet even her thighs were wet like she peed herself but its slippery like cum.

I tell her I need to pee, what she says next shocks me. But is a big fantasy, she asks can I cum with.

Hell yes!. We made a plan to wait until classes were finished with lunch and she snuck into the men’s bathroom. Standing at the urinal a start unzipped she stops and she’s say let me do that. Unzip and she reaches in to pull my cock out which by now is rock hard,

I try to calm down so I can empty my bladder, which I get right 5 minutes later. Jets of warm pee erupt from my dick she I can see is a big turn on, once down she shakes my cock and bends down and sucks the head hard into her mouth.

Your turn I say, with a hesitation she lifts her dress and pushes and pelvis forward 1 later a stream on piss is pour out of her. What a turn on. My cock was aching by now, but I didn’t want to rush things.

After that I told her to sit on the basin and open her legs and I ate that pussy hard, darting my tongue into her holes licking her asshole, wave after wave she is Cumming I can taste the juice pouring into my mouth, this goes on for about 10minutes and we have to get back before people start asking where the receptionist is.

Before we part ways again I say to her I need to be your pussy baby. Her reply is the wait will be worth it.

The rest of the day went pretty normal, a few through the window flashes etc. at the end of the day she comes to me and asks if I could take her home today. Of course I say yes. But she has to sit on a wet seat some girl wet my passenger seat which she smiles at me and flicks her dress up in my direction, before leaving my office

Now my mind is running thinking will I get to be in that hot pussy soon.

Once we leave i notice her dress is very high up and she can see me looking she takes my hand and places it on her thigh. Fuck she is hot and kinky I tell her use it as you please she takes my hand and gets to fingers worked into her hole I rubbed her all the way home. Once we got to her house I though dame, I have to drive home with blue balls now. But she says switch the car off, unzips my pants and pulls my cock out in her driveway, and takes the whole thing in her month she is bobbing up and down balls deep I wasn’t going to last long sees as I’ve been hard for most of the day.

She come up to kiss me and she says she’s been craving my cum since she tasted it, that was enough to put me over the edge.

She took me back in her mouth and down her throat hard, I exploded in the back of her throat, she just swallowed, shot after shot, I was dizzy after that. She came back up and said I love the taste of your cum, my BF’s cum is so bitter. I said to her she could have it anytime she wants.

Cock had another twitch, i thought to myself, man was I lucky to have met this girl.