13 Sep 2016

This is my first story. A True story

I will start an introduction to this story if feedback is good I will tell the full story.

Working as a IT guys has its perk, free unrestricted internet etc. etc. so I’m always in a horny state.

At work my door is always closed, having a new receptionist (Christy) starting that week so it’s the usual prepare everything for the new employee, which means I get all the new employees details etc,

Now I am a very kinky sexually active person, so when I saw this woman for the first time my cock twitched, tall slim, nice C cup tits, and loves showing her body off.

I had to help and training her often, so every time she calls me for assistance I would make sure my cock is fluffed (Bulging) which caught her eye a few times,

Out of nowhere she says to me “we should chat sometime” I say “Yeah sure that would be nice”, I got back to my office found her number and messaged her

“Hi it’s me Jay” I say

“Hey you (Wink)” is her reply

I did know how to start things up, luckily she messaged me saying “nice bulge”.

Part of our jobs to run the testing centre for exams, Which we setup together. this gave us time alone in closed off room while the building was very busy.

It first started off with abit of flirting, touching over a few weeks, she sat on my lap a few times while we busy, I swear I could feel how wet she is though my jeans.

She has two kids, and was been in an ugly relationship. So trusting men is hard for her, but she has a naughty side that takes over.

This when on for a while but never further than touching, One day she was outside smoking and I messaged her to come to my window, when she got there and looked in and pulled my cock out she smiled at me licking her lips, this is the first time she’s seen it, I thought that was it,

But few minutes later she came in my office locked my door quickly, not saying a word pushed my chair back un zipped my pants pulled my cock out, “I need to taste it” she says and takes my full length in her mouth, she worked her tongue under my foreskin over my cock head, and sucked it hard, then packed it back in my pants,

My cock was throbbing, as she left my office. Evil!

I had to try get Christy so horny she can’t resist, this came later in the day, after campus was empty,

I had some issues to fix rather than leave for it for the next day, I didn’t know she was staying late aswel, I walked past her desk, asked why you still here, “Work to do, bf will pick her up later”

That shocked me at first, but she’s already had me in her mouth, anyway told her im going to the store room.

Now this room is only assessable through and upstairs floor, and is where all the IT and Document stuff is stored, a huge room.

While I was busy in there, I hear footsteps above me, then down the stairs, I wait for my eyes to adjust to the light and I see her walking in, she says “Hey you”

“Hi what you doing here”

“I thought I would keep you company for a while”

We made some chit chat about her kids and bf etc. by the sounds of it his a jerk, she’s using him for his money.

But all the time we talking the image of her sucking my cock was doing wonders on my cock, while I was up the ladder checking for something I feel her hands move up my legs to my zip and she starts grabbing my cock. “Are you always hard” she asks, “around you yes”, earlier couldn't have helped then she mentions. By now she has my belt off and zip down, I took my underwear off earlier and allow my cock to breath.

She pulls my pants down while I’m still up the ladder, start rubbing and stroking my cock, I’m pulsing by now, she can feel how hard I am and she's holding me tight, next thing she takes all of it down her throat I nearly shot off right there, but calmed down and enjoyed this horny women tasting my man meat.

I had to stop her after a few minutes I definitely need to taste this pussy, it’s been on my mind for weeks I step down the ladder and start unbuttoning her pants, pull them down she has a g string on but definitely not covering her pussy, I had to finger it earlier she says.

I tell her next time call me I will sort you out before she could answer, I shove my face between her legs find her clit and latch on, she tastes so good the harder I suck the more pussy juice drips in my mouth she had her hand over her mouth so not to make a noise. I ate her for a good 20 minutes, licking her holes everything about the girl is hot.

She shudders a few times Cumming a few times, so while I’m back on her clit I push my fingers into her pussy, she is soaked, i can defiantly feel she’s had kids which makes my cock throb, I start rapid fucking her cunt with my fingers, this sends her over the edge and I feel a gush in her pussy and she squirts but not much on the floor.

She says I haven’t squirted in months; BF can’t do it; I drive in to taste this babe’s nectar. I stand up cock rock hard hanging between my legs she grabs me drops to her knees and takes me in her month, this time with one goal, get my man juice,

Sucking deep slurping my cock head, fast strokes I was going crazy with this BJ, iv near had a girl what it this bad, I tell her I’m close she sucks harder on my cock head, that was all I could take, I exploded hard in the back of her throat shot after shot straight down her throat she kept me balls deep in her month until I was drained.

Stood up I kissed her hard tasting my seed and her pussy.

Walking back to the offices, it was clear this was going to be a very fun time.