08 Jul 2016

Recently, I was running sound at an after hour club here. I have a small soundbooth that elevated, and closed off. all anyone can see of you is from the shoulders up when your standing. This girl i had seen around had showed up early to see me, and we started to hang out. which then turn to making out in the booth. next thing im rubbing her pussy until she cums through her pants. as soon as shes done cumming, she drops to her knees, and pulls my dick out. The door is shut, so all you see is me from my head up. Soon i start fucking her throat until i cum. It was an incredible orgasm. The bar must have had atleast 75 to a hundred people in it, and me being visibly elevated im not exactly off the radar as im pumping my cum straight down this girls throat.

we played a couple times after that. a blowjob in the back alley, and one night i took her to get some food before the rest of the bars closed, and on the way back, she mentions how horny she is, so as we stop at a red light i unzip my pants, and force her head down onto my cock. A few streets up i pulled off into a parking lot of some complex, where some guy proceeds to watch me throat fuck her till completion. A nice hot facial that absolutely ruins her makeup. we drive off, and she barely has enough time to clean herself up, let alone fix her makeup before we return to the club i was working at. For the rest of the night i had her makeup smeared on my shirt. Luckily it was dark.

Just thought id share