21 Jun 2016

I'm glad all comments from the 1st part were rather positive. I'm in the middle of exams but you'll asked me to post the next part ASAP and that's exactly what I will do. REMEMBER THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Hope you'll enjoy!

As I froze in disbelief. Unsure of what I should do. Should I walk out or or should i continue undressing and join him in the shower. I've never been so baffled before. In front of me stands my all time favourite teacher who I've looked up too. To some extent, I saw a father in him. However, after all the sexting and seeing he's lovely tool...He became a man that a want to devour.

I just wanted to get on top of him and f*CK the living brains out of him.

He smiled and slowly came towards me, exposing his dick. So think and long. He gave me a hug, told me to relax. "We out of the classroom, you no longer that little girl." At that very moment I felt like a woman. I knew I had to finish what I had started. I looked straight at him, he leaned forward and kissed me while rubbing his cock against my punani. I indulged ofcos. He's lips were so soft. I felt my nipples getting harder and started to get all wet it all the right places. Ow just being in his arms felt so right.

When we had a spoke, I once told him one of my fantasies was to be part of a threesome - MMF to be precise. He always joked and told me he was selfless guy and wouldn't wanna have my tight pussy all to himself. Of which I always laughed and thought he was just being silly.

He smiled and whispered "remember when I told you I'm a selfless guy?"

To be continued.

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