19 Jun 2016

I'm really not a great story writer but ow well this is my 1st attempt of writing my very 1st story hope you will like it.

So it all started 3 months ago when I(20) started chatting to this guy (49). We clicked quite well. He was understanding, very patient with me as he was well experienced and has been part this lifestyle for quite a while. So we chatted here online until we decide to go private. We swapped sexy pics back and forth, called each other often and even spend most of our time sexting.

I eventually started trusting him and was ready to meet up with him. Before we met he kindly asked Me to send him a pic of face. Which I did. He called me by name "Noma you've grown so much"

I was in shock and embarrassed thought that would have been my worst nightmare. After tryna be discreet for so long and being "intimate" with this unknown guy.

I told him we can't meet and he shouldn't reveal who he is. He just told me to relax as he still wants to fuck my wet, tight pussy. So after arguing back and forth. we finally decided to meet at a local B&B. I arrived 15mins late. He even called to confirm if I'm still coming because he's very horny and cannot wait any longer.

As I walked into the room. There was wine and chocolate. But couldn't see who this stranger was. I heard water running in the shower and he invited me to undress and come join him. As nervous as I was, I slowly began to undress while slowly walked towards the bathroom.

As I opened the door...There was Mr Grobler. My grade 6 mathematics teacher. My jaw dropped in disbelief.

To be continued....

Please comment if u liked it and would like me to post part 2.