24 Apr 2017

Oooooo games, who doesnt love them !!

Who better to be my pretend gynaecologist than my boyfriend !

I rang him to make an appointment.

Come around this afternoon at 3 ,he said.

I did the usual shower and spruce up i would normally do for the gynae and duly went for my appointment.

He answered the door in his undies.

I was rather surprised and said wasnt this a tad unprofessional. He answered, that he was only semi dressed to make me feel more comfortable when he asked me to disrobe.

He showed me to his room,asked me to fully strip and lie on my back on his bed.

This i did and as i lay there trying not to feel apprehensive, i looked around. Noticing a pair of rubber gloves and a bottle of lube.

He asked me if i was warm enough, i said yes . He proceeded to start with a breast exam. First with his hands, kneading and pushing my breasts then with his tongue . Giggling i asked what sort of gynae does a breast exam with his tongue. His smart reply, a good one ! As a tongue is more sensitive. I admitt my nipples were quite hard . He proceeded to run his hands down my belly then asked me to spread my legs, knees bent wide apart. He was really getting into this. He opened my lips and poked and prodded by clit, telling me that it looked good. He then proceeded to don his cream latex gloves , for the internal exam. He dripped lube between my lips and rubbed his glove till it was shiny wet. He then inserted 2 fingers and moved them slowly around. All good, he said but i need to do a more thorough exam . This said, he proceeded to insert 3 fingers then 4. I was squirming , trying very hard not to orgasm. Suddenly i felt a fullness , i thought i was going to split open. He had inserted his hand and was pushing it deeper and deeper into me. It was such a full feeling , his knuckles seemed to stick , he added more lube and gently pushed harder till his whole hand was inside me , there was no stopping my orgasms , that intense fullness, no room to move, my pussy locking hard around his hand. I was seeing stars , please enough i said. He slide his hand slowly out, saying , well your muscles are working well. My knees were shaking from the intense orgasm. My gynae bf then climbed onto the bed stark naked. I now need to test that ur nerve endings are still working he said as he slid his dick into my pussy. I moaned loudly, he felt so big in my pussy. He moved quickly and deeply, pushing me into another orgasm and another and another. He came quickly , grinning he said ...well good news you are healthy, but i need to inform you that you need to come back tomorrow for the final part of your exam .... i need you relaxed ... get a good nights rest ....

I asked , what is the final exam , wait and see he said .......