Written by alwayswet

04 Mar 2014

I could pick any guy for our first threesome but the guy staying two apartments from us is maybe 20 years old,well build and sexy. We see each other daily when i am in the garden but how do i get him to perform in a threesome.

I started by wearing very short skirts when i am in the garden with no underwear making sure he sees just not all at first , but still he would only smile when he walks past so i upped my game one day making sure he will see everything and that hubby is not around because everyone is scared of him.

It was a friday afternoon and i was alone and ready , i hear him parking his car and i moved into position bending right over making sure he will see my soaking wet pussy.

As he came around the corner he did not greed me , just walked up to me asking if i need any help with the garden hose coupling i am struggling with .

I said sure and offered him a beer while he carries on , i went inside to fetch his beer and stripped completely went to the door and said when your done i need some help inside to , he looked at me dropped the hose and came straight to me.

We started to kiss , his hands all over my body and mine going for his pants , wow he had a huge cock and was giving him a blowjob in the door and he turned me around bend me over the couch and filled my pussy .

He did not play games as he fucked me hard from the start up until the moment he was about to cum, i was screaming of pleasure and all i could say to him was to tell me when he wants to cum.

It didnt last very long but was more than i bargained for , it ended in letting him cum all over my face .

Since then he fucks me once a week with and without hubby around