Written by JohanMeyer69

10 Jul 2014

I have had my eye on my neighbor from across the street. Since we were neighbors, we became friends, hanging out on the weekends, cookouts, that sort of thing. While I became good friends with her boyfriend, I did have my eyes on her a lot more. Her breasts were large and she enjoyed wearing tops that showed cleavage. I would sneak occasional glances when I could get away with it.

Once I saw her, by herself, on her way to work at the gas station. We made small talk as we both filled our cars up, and then went on our way. One time we met on accident again, the same way as before at the gas station, and we talked a little bit more, I walked over to her.

"Between you and me," I said to her and looked into her eyes, "I wanted to tell you that you look amazing!" She smiled and thanked me for the compliment, "Your Welcome" I said to her as I intentionally looked down onto her chest. Slowly I pulled my eyes away from her full cleavage, and I know that she saw me do it.

The next week, we met the same way. We looked at one another and smiled. She looked at my car and told me that my car needs a "bath" and I should put it through the car wash. "You wanna go through with me?" I asked her, she wasn't sure what I asked her because her response was "My car doesn't need one." so I immediate replied with, "No, come through the car wash with me, hang out with me for a few minutes. "I will meet you over there," she said, "just pick me up." Buying the most expensive car wash I could, knowing it will take the longest amount of time, I quickly went over and picked her up.

"Your bad," her words once she shut my door and got into my car, "I like it, but your bad"

Once we are in the car wash, I lean over and we kiss one another. My hand grips her breast as I feel her hand have a firm grip on my member. My hands work underneath her shirt, and slide underneath her bra. My hands grip her large breasts in my hands. I slid my hands behind her back and unclasped her bra, also working her shirt over her shoulders, and taking her bra off her completely. I looked down onto my lap, and she had her hand wrapped around my cock. She made quick work of my belt and zipper, totally exposing myself to her eyes.

In the car wash, my car was completely covered by soapy water at this point, total privacy. I lowered the back of my seat and quickly slid into the backseat. As I made my way to the backseat, she unbuttoned her jeans and dropped them. She left on just her panties as she climbed into the backseat to join me. I sat in the middle of the backseat, stroking my hard cock as I watched her climb back. She straddled me and moved her panties to one side, allowing me to enter her.

She rode me hard, so hard and fast, her large breasts were hard to be contained in front of my face. My face was buried between her breasts and she worked her hips hard. My hands spanked her ass hard as she rocked me. I felt her tighten around my cock, she climaxed, screaming my name loud as she went into orgasm, pressing her breasts against my face, almost smothering me. I worked my hips upward, sliding my cock in and out of her as much as I could in the small space we had to work with.

I heard the dryers kick on for the car wash...it was almost over.

"Cum inside me," She said to me "Cum for me"

And I did just that, a few thrusts later, I unleashed a load inside of her that sent her back into orgasm for a second time. Both of us, holding one another, moaning loud, saying one anothers name, and enjoying every second of it.

Moments later, we situated ourselves, putting our clothes back on in the backseat of the car and then climbing back to the front seat. The car wash had a minute or so left for the drying of the car. I moved my car forward and drove her to her car. No words were said when we left the car wash and when she returned to her car.

Days later I saw her when she got off from work, pulling in to her driveway. Nothing was said except for a friendly wave between the two of us.

Not sure if I ever will have an experience with her again, but the one we had was amazing!