Written by redbruce

25 Oct 2014

This happened a while ago. The couple advertised on the site that they would be holding a swingers / nudist party at their Bushveld lodge adjacent to a large private game reserve, on a particular Wednesday night. They had a lot of weekend custom, but were looking at innovative ways of increasing their weeknight bed-occupancy. Both he and she were apparently keen nudists, spending their time nude at the lodge and in the reserve, if they had no guests (they had no other staff, doing all the work at the lodge themselves, to give themselves this privacy).

I responded, explaining that I am just a part-time nudist, but a keen “watcher”. Would I be welcome to attend? They said at that stage they had two other couples who had responded “maybe”, and were expecting others still to respond. They were at pains to explain that there was no promise of any activity, and I could attend the party so long as the other couples present also agreed. I felt it was worth the try, so we made the arrangements, and I would stop off at the lodge on the day on my way back from a remote site-meeting. Due to my travels and the remoteness of the area I was unable to keep a check on the party attendance list or stay in contact with the couple for a few days before the planned event. But I duly arrived at the lodge in the mid-afternoon as arranged.

On arrival, I saw that there was another couple busy booking in. The lodge owner came out to meet me at my vehicle, first confirmed my identity, and then explained by way of warning that the couple booking in were not one of the “party” couples, but a “vanilla” couple who had been traveling in the area and had made a last minute booking. It appeared that none of the swinger / nudist couples was attending any more, and the party had fallen through. I felt really disappointed, having travelled a considerable distance out of my way to be there. They booked the vanilla couple into an apartment close to the main lodge building. Curiously, I was allocated to a huge self-catering chalet at the other side of resort, but I thought nothing of it at the time.

The vanilla couple were very keen to do the game-drive included in the accommodation rate. I had found out in our prior discussions that the lodge owners would normally do their own drive naked if they had no guests, so again I felt a bit bummed that the vanilla couple was there. We thus did the game-drive fully clothed, but as we bounced around on the bumpy roads in the old Landy it seemed to me that Mrs lodge-owner was definitely bra-less under her track-suit top!

On our return to the lodge, I asked Mr lodge-owner about supper arrangements. Fortunately I had not asked in front of Mr & Mrs Vanilla. He told me that I would have my supper in my chalet, and that they would bring it up at about 19h00. That gave me an opportunity to unpack and shower and change into fresh clothes, and enjoy a “sundowner” (the sun was long since down!) sitting on my chalet patio, while waiting for supper.

Soon after seven she arrived on her own, carrying a tray of meal ingredients (not a plate of food), which she put down on the kitchen counter. She was still wearing her tracksuit. As it was winter, it had cooled down significantly once the sun was down. She looked for and found the oil heater, and turned it on high. Then she disappeared into the second bedroom, and soon re-emerged wearing just a pair of very short shorts, and no top! Wow!! She had magnificent boobs, with small areolas but nice prominent nipples, and due to the coolness of the winter evening (before the heater took effect) they were sticking out in a very friendly fashion!

I couldn’t help but stare, with a big smile on my dial. She said – “I hope you don’t mind? I enjoy cooking like this”! I assured her that I definitely did not mind!! She then started with the meal preparations. The kitchen layout was such that there was a long counter, which also served as dining table. So I stood at the opposite side of the counter watching her preparing the meal, she facing me while working at the counter, and side-on while at the stove. I offered her one of my drinks, which she accepted, and so we sipped our drinks and chatted as she worked at the counter. A little while later he popped in, to check if everything was alright. He explained that he would be back later, as he was still preparing supper for the vanilla couple in the main building. She was quite evidently preparing supper for the three of us, to eat together.

After a while she wanted a smoke, but needed to smoke it outside. Because it was pretty cool outside, she went back to the bedroom, re-dressed in her tracksuit, and we took our drinks and sat out on the patio, continuing our chatting and drinking while she finished her ciggie.

Returning inside to continue with the food-prep, she disappeared again into the bedroom, and this time came out wearing just a lacy (and very tiny!) G string. She continued with the meal prep, occasionally tweaking her nipples to make them stand out even more (the heater was warming the chalet quite nicely, and so the effect of the cold on her nipple-erection was by now less pronounced). I asked about this playing with her nipples, and she said she liked the feeling of the erect nipples (and I think she also liked the effect that it was having on me!). I had gone from feeling a bit miffed that there was no party, and having to share the lodge with the vanilla couple, to feeling very spoilt at this special treatment!

We had another smoke break together outside on the patio, but this time, when she came back into the kitchen, she was stark naked, apart from her belly-ring tassle! Her pussy was clean-shaven, with small concealed lips, just slightly protruding from her slit, but with quite a prominent clitty hood. By this stage she was very aware of the effect she was having on me! She was taking her time with the meal prep, obviously waiting for him to finish serving the vanilla couple, before completing our meal.

Eventually he was finished feeding them, and joined us again. She quickly finished off the cooking of our meal. We ate sitting opposite each other at the dining counter, with her naked boobs so visible and enticing just over the counter from me. When we had finished, he quickly went back to the lodge to check on the other guests, who had fortunately by then retired for the night as there was nothing going on, and returned to my chalet.

We decided to move to the lounge to the more comfortable chairs, and turned the lights down lower to continue our conversation over drinks. The lounge area consisted of two two-seater leatherette couches at right angles to each other. I sat on one, turned a bit to face them. They were on the other couch, she sitting on a small towel which she had brought in her bag.

We sat chatting, about our respective experiences on the site and in the lifestyle, the fun they had had with a couple of previous nudist parties they had hosted, their rather isolated life at the lodge, and my fetish for watching. He had his right hand over her shoulder, and started playing with her right boob while we chatted, gently teasing her nipple. She put her hand on his thigh, stroking and playing with his leg-hairs. After chatting like this for a while, she leant over and whispered something to him. They both smiled and nodded to each other. He removed his hand from her boob, and moved it to her thigh. She opened her legs a bit, and he slipped his hand between her thighs. She started fondling him through his shorts, then suddenly pushed his shorts down, pulled out his dick and started a slow hand-job. He gently ran the underside of his hand up and down her slit. I was boggled at this open display, and the hard-on in my jeans must have been quite evident. This evening was definitely turning out alright!!

After a while she said to him “let’s go and sit next to Bruce rather”. She got up and came and sat next to me, first putting her towel down on the seat next to me, then slipping forward in her seat, and opening her knees. He got on his knees on the floor between her legs, reached up and gave her a long kiss on the mouth, and then slowly slid his mouth down her body, kissing between her boobs and down over her flat belly and mount of venus, and then started to muff her with gusto, with lots of sucking and slurping noises! She reached over and started stroking my thigh.

Unsure of what I was “allowed” to do, I politely asked if I may touch her boobs, these beautiful boobs that I had been ogling all night, and were now just a few centimetres away. She said “but of course”! So there she was lying back in the seat next to me, me fondling her beautiful C-cup boobs, with him muffing her. She stroked my hard dick through my jeans, then tried to open my fly to get my dick out. I helped by opening my belt and top button, making it much easier. She found and played with my pre-cum, rubbing it around the head of my dick.

Then he complained about his knees getting sore, looking around for a cushion. He stood up, leant in and offered her his dick to suck, and was soon fully erect. He then tried to lower himself down to a position where he could penetrate her pussy with his dick, but it was not a comfortable position to hold. She then suggested “let’s go somewhere more comfortable”. The obvious more comfortable place was the double bed in my bedroom!

We quickly relocated, taking the heater with us. She lay in the middle of the bed, and he removed his T shirt and joined her. I also undressed (they were now both naked, why not me too?), and lay down next to them to watch. First they fucked in missionary position, slow and gentle, taking their time. I was playing with her closest boob, and all the while she was wanking me. I warned her I was getting close to cumming, but she did not stop, and wanked my cum all over my stomach, from where it ran off and onto the bed sheets.

She then turned over, got up on all fours, and they fucked doggy style, this time hard and long. The bed was creaking, and there was lots of slapping as he pounded into her. I was cupping her swinging boobs from below, and then started rubbing her clit, feeling the slightest hint of stubble on her pubis. She came big time! Eventually he exploded inside her, drenched in sweat. She fell forward, and he plonked down on top of her. I just lay there expressing my amazement and thanking them!

They went off to the bathroom to clean up and dress, and then I did the same. We went back to the lounge and had another drink, talking about what had just happened. They had gone a whole lot further than they had originally intended. They were apparently just going to do the “naked chef” thing, and then tease me a bit, knowing how keen I am to watch, but as things developed they decided they were enjoying it too much to stop, and I too seemed to be really enjoying it and also behaving myself. And so they just went all the way.

We stacked the meal dishes in the sink for the next morning, and they went out into the cold night and back to their room in the main lodge.

That night I slept in the wet spots! Theirs and mine!! And I didn’t care at all!

Next morning, at breakfast in the lodge dining room, the vanilla couple asked me if I was “self-catering last night”, as they had expected me to be eating with them in the lodge dining room. I just blushed and gave a non-committal answer like “sort of”, unsure what explanation Mr lodge-owner might have given them for my absence the previous night. Little did they know! I wonder how they would have reacted if they knew what all was going on in Chalet 6 that evening!? And just how good MY chef had looked while preparing my supper…!