Written by Dan_Kross

29 Apr 2013

As a young man, I've been very curious. Also had the curiosity of mine grow about guys. I have always wanted to know how it feels and taste like to go down on a girl and lick her pussy and suck on her clit. I've also had my curiosity on wanting to strip my manliness away and have a guy put me to my knees as if I was a girl and suck his cock.

I am a straight guy who has a lot of curiosity and a lot of hunger for experimenting on girls and guys alike. ;)

One day I had posted an ad and found a response some time later. Most likely a few days or so. I was 19 at the time. I was always called cute and handsome. This guy was older than me and married. He told me that his wife doesn't give him the sucking he really wants and of course I was willing to give that to him. We exchanged some details and pics through e-mail and eventually planned a day and time. He had to work through our times around his work schedule. So, we would either meet at morning or afternoon.

With a text confirmation, we were about to go through this. It was in the afternoon and my heart was pounding. I couldn't believe I was about to put myself through this. I was about to meet a stranger and give him some pleasure. I met him in his car at a nearby park, near some trees where no one could see us. We talked for a while, to get rid of some of the nervousness. I kept staring at his pants from being so curious and he asked "Are you sure you want this?"...I told him that I do. He pulled the zipper down and pulled out his cock. Immediately I gave it a kiss and a lick.

I had soon pulled my cock out as well and I was really, really long and hard by then. He offered wank my cock while I started to stroked his cock and sucked on the head of his cock. I licked and sucked his cock. Inch for inch by each second, I had taken in more and more of his cock in my mouth, letting my tongue play with his cock inside, swirling around it as I kept on sucking him off. I sucked him off for about more than 5 minutes. He kept telling me how good I was at sucking him and asked if I loved sucking cock. Calling me his cock-sucker. Once he orgasmed and reached his satisfaction, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, we both zipped up our pants to hide our satisfied cocks and then he dropped me off at my place.

He told me that he would like us to be alone at my place next, wanting his cock-sucker to work on his cock again soon.