06 Mar 2016

Every girl would love to be fucked by 2 (or 3) men at the same time. Well this had been my fantasy.

One evening my fuckbuddy invited me over to come and watch some sport as we usually do. I got there very late and i had already been drinking so i was slightly tipsy. The ratio on men to women was skew. There were too many men. And only us 3 women.

So i relaxed as i usually do cos i know my fuckbuddy was fucking one of the chicks there. There was 2 guys who had their eye on me so i set about lurring them jst to see what would happen. I was wearing my shortest short with no panties on where if i bend over you could see my pussy lips. I started playing pool with the guys and naturally i suck at the game so i asked Mr A to help me. He jumped at the opprtunity so all the while i would make sure that i was rubbing my ass against his crotch. I could see a tent developing in his pants and i could also feel MrB eyes on me as well every time i bent over. So when i went to bathroom and as i was coming out Mr B pushed me in and asked if he could kiss . I naughtily declined but his bravery turned me on that there and there i decided he was the one i was goin to fuck. But i left and went back to MrA and continued teasing him. He gave up advancing me and decided to go home. But not before i kissed him next to his car.

A couple of people had started leaving and it was just Mr B , my fuck buddy , his female friend and myself. Now in my fuck budys mind he was thinking we would fuck this chick together but i had other plans. I though we could swap because i wanted both men. So when someone suggested we do couple pool i jumped at the idea. As usual i made sure i rubbed my ass against MrBs crotch and everytime he pocketed i would twerk for him and give him a good look of the wet spot on my shorts He LOVED IT. And he kept touching my pussy n boobs . When we won the game he lifted me up so i straddled him and we kissed passionately. I felt his dick get hard under me and i got off and went to the bathroom.

When i got to the bathroom my fuckbuddy came in after me and unzipped his pants and commanded him to suck him. It would seem my little show had gotten him hot too. I sucked his dick and then he flipped me over and pulled down my shorts and started ramming his had cock into my already dripping pussy. We were unfortunately dosturbed by the other 2 looking for us so they could leave.

As my fuck buddy was walkin his female friend out i walked Mr B out to his car.i asked him if he is upset i was fucking the other guy and he sed no but he wants to fuck me too. So i straddled him and kossed him next thing i know my fuck buddy interrupts us laughing saying good night. So i told him to join us.

Right there in the parking lot i had 2 me ALL to myself. As my fuck buddy was unzipping my pants i was unzipping MrBs pants and the suprise that await me was heaven. He had a long black cock and it was throbbing and inmediately covered it with my lipsand sucked it like my life depended on it. FB slid on a condom an entered me form behind. He rammed his huge cock into my pussy and it just swallowed it and he was thrusting real deep and the deeper he thrust the deeper MrB s cockwent into my throat i could hear them both moaning and i could feel that FB was close to shopting a load. As he spanked me it vibrated thru my body and caused my pussy to tighten even more and MrB was swearing under his breath and moaning. FB gave one last deep thrust that i felt all the wayin my belly button and he came.

Immediately MrB slipped on his condom and swapped possitions with him. He lifted my leg and rammed him cock into me. He was longer than FB so when he entered i felt it in stomach. I let out a load moan and FB immediately slipped his dick into my mouth. This time, they both were thrusting into my 2 holes. This went on for abt 2 minutes i felt like a queen and was loving it. I could feel my body start to convulse

. I could take it anymore and it was like they could feel this as well and they increased the pace of their thrusts. My body could not handle anny more and i convulsed into a heavenly orgasm that felt like it lasted a minute. Just as i thought my body was done i came again and again. I heard the boys high 5 each other and each now shoot off a load. I collapsed onto the ground and they took the opportunity to both present their dicks in my mouth so i could clean the cum off. It was devine!!!

I kissed MrB goodbye. He got into his car and left. FB went to bed and i joined him. N we continued fucking the night away.

I still dont remember his name. Bt i know i will remember this experience for a while.......

So now i owe my Fuck Buddy his FFM...maybe next story i write will b about it....