08 Aug 2019

This story goes back to the days when we still had mxit and mig33 .I was a frequent chatter in the over 35 years room which had a lot of ppl from Durban . I was having a pvt chat to Shane who worked for a glass company . I also worked 12shifts but my main work was completed in the first 3 hours giving hours to flirt and chat.

So back to Shane Indian guy late 30s wanted to get a guy to have a 3some with him and his wife Shirley . So he told me how badly he wanted this to happen.  That evening I call and chat to him on the phone for the first time . After a few minutes he gives the phone to his wife and she did not have a clue what I was on about . I got a bit irratated as guys want a 3some and they don't discuss with their respective partners . So here I am chatting to this lady for the first time trying to tell her that her.hubby wants me to fuck her .He calls me back and I was upset and mentioned if you want a 3some at least speak to your partner so that she is in the loop . He gives her the phone again and I explain about the 3some what it entails and so on . She was very polite and told me that she is sorry but not interested in such things . So I cut the call and continued working . The next morning I am having breakfast around 07h15 . Wife took the kids to school and my phone rings . I answered and to my it was Shirley . I asked her how she got my number as she did not call from Shane's phone . He was a bit drunk the evening before after I called and she took the number from his contact list . I apologised for calling her the evening before and she said it was OK . I had the opportunity to tell her what her hubby wanted and she again refused to talk about that . So I ask myself why did she call me then . So she tells me that she wants to me alone and her hubby should not know about it . We chat a few minutes and I go to bed . Get to work in the evening and I get an invite on mig 33 from a Shirley . Yes it was her and I was shocked but pleased cos she sounded very sexy .That night after 9pm she had called me again . Her hubby was out with friends and came home drunk as usual .

So Shirley and I chatted for most of the night on mig33 . We exchanged pictures and started to make plans to meet the following week.  So she tells me where to come to clayfield phoenix and park near the bus shelter . I  am waiting at the bus shelter and I see this gorgeous lady walking up the pathway. I call her on the phone and she answers . Now that I know it is her I wave and she gets into my car . We drive towards Mt Edgecombe hotel which is like 2 minutes drove from where Shirley lives . I ask her where we are gonna chill as seeing that is was near and convenient we go there . I stop the car as we enter the hotel parking lot and we formally introduce ourselves. So I confirm with her if it's OK to book a room and she agrees . I go into the reception where I am met by and elderly Indian lady . I ask for a room and all the rooms are still being cleaned but the penthouse was available . So I book the penthouse go back to the car to fetch Shirley and we head upstairs to the penthouse room 15 . We get into the room and she locks the door behind us . Our eyes meet for the first time . We kiss passionately and I can taste the violet kiltys she was chewing on . Our kiss seems to last forever.  I then kiss her behind the neck and she moans quitely. My hands find its way into her her dress and unzip the pink and black dress that she was wearing . She is now standing in front of me with.just her lacy black bra and boyleg panty . Shirley was 48kg wore a size 28 to 30 dress . Small petite and very sexy . We kissed again and I started to remove her bra . Wow what delightful pair . Small size 32 firm breast . I could not resist.  I sucked her nipples and she pinched on my nipples.  Is wasn't long before I removed her panties . She was clean shaven and had a tiny pussy considering she had a 12 year old son . I carried her and placed her on the centre of the bed . I opened her legs and she was shy and didn't want me to suck her pussy . I fingered her and her juices flowed . She was now so eager to have my cock inside her . I wanted to go to the car to get a condom but she said she was on the pill . I slowly entered her pussy as she moaned in delight . She was so tight I could not enter her . I got up took her to the edge of the bed and put both legs on my shoulder . I put some of my saliva on my thick head and I entered her wet pussy . It felt like I was in heaven . Here I was alone fucking this beautiful stranger . I turned her around and fucked her doggy style . I shot my load deep into her pussy . We lay beside each other and ordered something from the kitchen there . We fucked again another two rounds and I filled her pussy with my cum . We both showered together and got dressed . I dropped her at the mount Edgecombe plaza as she had some errands to take care off . We kissed on the cheek and said goodbye . I was just 3 minutes onto the freeway when she called to thank me for the blast that she had .

Part 2 to follow