Written by mowerman

19 May 2015

Let me start by saying I'm new to this site and have been looking for a while on different sites for a little bit of fun in my life...I am married and play alone but hey I say each to their own I guess. I own my own business in the maintenance industry and i have been working in this complex for a few months... and have always been on site over the past few months I've made friends with this lady who lives in the complex.. and she is one of those people who likes to know what is happening in the complex....I'm 40 so I would say she is about 44 or 45 but has a nice body and is really not bad looking... While chatting to her I've always tried to really check her out and wondered what she looked like naked but my thoughts always went back to my work... she would come out and chat to me everyday I'm there would bring me something to drink and when she baked I would be the tester lol.... about a week ago she said to me I should come in for some coffee and cake and and she is not taking no for an answer... so I thought nothing of it and went to her place.... she was wearing a tight short sleeve top red one and was wearing a skirt that sat just above her knee.. I noticed how nice she looked and joked with her about it and asked her if she was going on a hot date lol she just laughed....she made the coffee and while I was looking around her living room I noticed a cover of a porno movie ...I was so shocked I don't remember the title... I think she noticed that I saw it and she asked me do I watch porn so I said not really no but would if I ever had the opportunity to.. I asked her if she did and she said yes. I was watching it before you came here she said ..I laughed and sat down on the couch....she asked if I wanted to watch it with her ...I said sure why not she put it on, her back was to me, I noticed the outline of her g string I thought mmm I think something is going to happen here...she put it on and this couple were doing the normal stuff of licking and sucking each other and it got me hard.....We watched for a bit I saw her looking at my crotch, she smiled and before I knew it her hand was rubbing my now hard as nails cock over my pants....she asked if I liked that I said yes....she asked me to take my pants off and I obliged....my cock was fucken hard now she bent over and starting mouth fucking my cock taking it in deep and sucking on it licking my tip playing with my balls...she sucked me hard and long I told her to stop or I'm going to cum...she took my cock out her mouth and told me to cum on her face she wanked my cock until I came all over her face ....fuck it was so good....While she was cleaning her face I had her skirt off and panties off ...I lay down on the couch and i told her to sit on my face she hovered her fucken shaved pussy above my face and i started to lick her clit mmm fuck she was so wet I inserted my 2 fingers as well and I tongue and finger fucked her she was moaning with excitement deeper and deeper I went with my tongue and fingers....she was fucken moaning so loudly next thing I feel this gush of juice as she orgasmed on my fingers.....was so good we lay on the couch for a bit we cleaned up and i went back to work......Since then we have fucked but that another story coming soon....