24 Apr 2017

This happened to me well over 10 years ago when I was still single and able to freely explore a number of my fantasies. I was rather an active user on a big South African adult personals website at that stage and met several luscious ladies there. I met a couple too and very regrettably backed down from meeting a number of other couples where my fantasies could have been explored further...

I am a big time voyeur but also somewhat of an exhibitionist. So, while I was at work one morning and feeling very horny, I decided that it would be fun to have a couple watch me while I, er, took myself in hand. I posted an advert to this effect and rather amazingly received a reply that very morning - I think I had previously tried once or twice before with no success... In any case, the husband and I exchanged a few emails and then I sent him my cell phone number. He called me up and we arranged a meeting for that lunchtime. I dropped everything with which I was busy and high on nerves an excitement drove from my office in Auckland Park to Bedfordview. The couple lived in a townhouse complex and worked from home which made for a very convenient daytime meeting for them. They were somewhat older than me, but an attractive and upmarket pair. We sat in their living room for a short while and shared some wine and idle chit-chat. I cannot remember anything that was said. They chatted together and then asked me if I would like to put on a show for them. I said I would love to and they took me to an upstairs spare bedroom. They sat on a couch facing me and I stood in front of them. I then proceeded to remove all my clothing while they sat there watching. I cannot again recall anything that was said, but they did whisper to each other a few times. I was rock hard when my underpants came off and was quite wet from precum. The wife said nothing to me directly but I recall an appreciative sound and some more whispers. The husband then said that they both thought I had a magnificent cock or something to that effect. He also asked if they could take some photographs and I agreed provided that they did not photograph my face.

So there I stood, completely naked in front of the clothed couple, masturbating while the husband photographed me, taking a few close-ups too. I eventually could not hold out any longer and came rather voluminously over their lovely carpet. That embarrassed me a little but again only the husband spoke to me and said not to worry about it. I dressed, and again remembering very little of what was said, left their home. Back at the office that afternoon I received an appreciative email with some attached photographs. We arranged another meeting in which we were all supposed to get naked, but very sadly one thing led to another and it never happened. One of many regrets I still harbour.