Written by NoRomantic

07 Aug 2013

have met up with my indian lover quite a few times, and even though he's only early 30's (I prefer slightly older) he fucks better than anyone else so far...and he's good looking too.

He came over on my day off and there's no need to waste time with chit chat so we just get rid of clothes as fast as we can.

I love the way he licks me, like he's tongue is detached from his mouth and can wiggle so deep down my slit to my small clit and flicking so good at my clit and tongue fucking me while I watch his dark skin rubbing over my, his one hand on my white breast as he kneels down next to me, holding my legs up so he can lick me. I asked him to free his big dark cock and put it in my mouth. I sucked him while he fingered me, my pussy so drenched his fingers were soaked and slick from my cum

I wanted to be fucked and he put condom on and fucked me while I was on my back and him sitting up, me playing with my clit as he fucked me deep but slow. he pulled out and commented how nice my cum looked on his cock. He visciously pulled me lower and licked my pussy again, I was so sensitive. Demanded me to turn around...my favourite.

he fucks so good I get beside myself. my legs close together, he held my ankles up and fucked me fast and hard, then slow and shallow and suddenly slamming with all the power he has in his hips back in my soaking wet pussy making me moan like a possessed woman. he kept doing this for what felt like 30min at least, holding back his orgasm, pleasuring my pussy hard and deep, then shallow so I only feel his cock head teasing my fuck hole making me slam back on his cock to get him deep inside me again. Me rubbing my clit from time to time to make me get over the edge into orgasm.

he pulled out again, my cum now covering my pussy and inner thighs, turned me around again and took condom off. Told me he needed me to suck him as he's been holding back his orgasm for too long. he kneeled over my head as I rubbed my already drenched pussy and fucked me mouth like he would fuck my pussy. Every now and then making me gag and he'd know to give me air and fuck my mouth again.

he put a fresh condom on and fucked me with me on back on him sitting up again and oh..oooh...my pussy juices were making that nasty/sexy/hot sound as he fucked me deep and grinding his cock around inside me. he lifte my one leg over his shoulder and I turned slightly on my side and I grinded against his cock, rubbing my cum on his pelvic area and swirling his cock around in my cunt.

Then he got close and put my leg down so he could fuck me fast and hard, he ripped the condom off fast and came all over my pussy and down my leg, white cum squirting out his dark cock.

Thanks D! Love it!