16 May 2016

A friend of mine runs a small catering concern from her property. She caters for weddings and 21st anniversaries etc. She called me one day to come and have a look at one of her ovens that did not heat up. It was an emergency as she needed the oven to prepare for an upcoming function. I arrived early and started to strip the covers to take measurements with my trusted multi-meter. My friend left me alone to go and buy some stock they needed. By that time the staff arrived, I did not take much notice as my attention was with the oven.

One of the staff members started to speak to me and asked whether I do this for a living. When I looked up I saw the most gorgeous women in front of me. She was dressed in a yellow T-shirt that showed her firm breasts and a pair of jeans that fitted her body perfectly. I startled, yes that is what I do. She wanted to know if I am prepared to do some work for her, only problem is she lives in the township.

I carried on with the task at hand and identified the problem and went to the appliance shop, to get the necessary parts. This goddess was in my mind all the way there and back. Thinking by myself how it would be to be with her. How would it be to taste her pussy? I cleared my thoughts because it is at my friends place and she could walk into the baking area any time.

When I walked in Naledi, the girl that spoke to me earlier asked if she can make me some tea, which I thankfully accepted. I carried on to replace the part and stopped for tea when she called me. I went over to where they sat, to have my tea. Naledi introduced me to her friend Thando. Only the two of them were on duty that day because they had to clean and prepare for the weekend’s party. We enjoyed our tea and chit chatted about everyday things, when Naledi asked me whether I “made out” with black women yet. I turned red because I did not think it was that obvious admiring her beauty.

That is when I told them about my rendezvous with Mbali. I can see the two of them became aroused when I told them in detail how Mbali and I met and what happened thereafter. They asked me whether I had two girls at the same time before whereupon I replied no, but it is a fantasy of mine. They said it is also a fantasy for them to make love to a white guy.

By this time I was so horny that the bulge in my pants could not be hidden and they noticed it. Naledi moved closer to me putting her hand on the bulge in my pants, I nearly exploded of excitement. I said, no stop, we cannot carry on because my friend could be back at any minute. They said don’t worry she normally return around three or four when she do the purchases. Now that was my invitation if ever I needed one.

I started to kiss Naledi, Thando moved over to have some of the action as well. Soon the three of us were stark naked kissing and fondling each other. Thando had the most beautiful pair of tits that I saw in a long time, firm and not too big or too small. My face were buried in their breasts caressing fondling and kissing it as if I would never see a breast again. I moved over to play with Thando’s pussy while Naledi started to give me a blowjob. Naledi was a shade darker than Thando and the contrast of the three of us was just mind blowing, white on dark and a shade darker. My tongue found the right place and started to lick and kiss Thando’s pussy. Her pussy tasted like some fresh nectar only a humming bird can describe. She made silent movements with an “OH YES” every now and then. She was wet and I enjoyed the wetness, running my tongue in and out and around the pleasure zone. Both girls smelled and tasted clean and fresh and later told me that they had a shower while I was away. Thando repositioned herself so that she could taste Naledi’s pussy. By this time I was beyond myself and came in Naledi’s face as she ran her tongue around my throbbing head. I still could not get enough of Thando’s pussy and carried on until she climaxed. She climaxed in my face and I slurped her wetness like a young bulldog puppy. The two of us then concentrated on Naledi, playing with her, licking and kissing her until she climaxed.

We spend another 15 minutes caressing each other before we jumped in the shower to clean up. I thanked them for the time of my life. My friend arrived just as we exited the shower and wanted to know “Why do you guys look so fresh” with a naughty look in her eye. I could not tell her but I am sure she knows. Needless to say I had to return the next day to finish the work on the oven. This time my friend supervised to make sure that I do not get side tracked like the day before.

Everything went fine, the oven worked and I got Naledi’s details to tend to her problem she have in the township.