20 Oct 2015

I decided a hotel would be best for our first encounter

A flurry of butterflies filed my stomach as I stood naked after a hot shower

This is one of the first times I blatantly lied to my wife about where I would be

But I had a need , an urge , a sexual desire where she was the only cure , god help me

I opened the door to a warm smile , I looked at her pretty face and couldn’t wait to see

My throbbing cock go in and out of those luscious lips , I pictured it , the moment was perfect

She put her bag down an after an embracing hug , I could smell her scent , it was fruity , her hair brushed against my head and it felt soft , what is wrong with me , I am a married man and here I was coaxing a divorcee , we stared at each other for what felt like an eternity , she looked down and smiled , and promptly asked ;so how are you doing ? how are things ?

I wanted to reply in the raw sexual tone that had been conforming me to this moment but all I could mumble was I’m fine thanks , things are going well

We had a cigarette , I watched as the smoke we blew mingled in the air becoming one

I wanted to become one with this woman I wanted to devour her and get my share, after our smoke in silence I wondered what she was thinking ? is he going to make a move ? is he worried about his wife ? as her mind wandered my hand wandered to her hands , I held it , it was soft , I brought it to my nose and could smell the tobacco , as it become intertwined with the perfume she sprayed earlier , I gently kissed her hand as I stared in her eyes , she knew this was the moment that would change everything. I let her hand run over my chest , I’ve been waiting for this moment , I gently kissed her lips , she slowly opened her mouth as our tongues touched for the first time , the intensity of the moment was captured as I pictured it. I pulled her away and looked at her , her lips were quivering , I stood her up and turned her around and kissed her neck I licked her neck and could taste more perfume , she held my hand as it was warm , I turned her around , I started undressing her , she just stood there in her petite frame with her eyes closed , I gently unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor , out popped those breast that I had admired from afar , I gently licked them she squirmed and I started to play with the other nipple , if there was one thing I was great at it was munching on a pair of naked breasts , I could see she was enjoying the sensation of having her nipples sucked and gently being bitten , I had my share and stood back I stripped down to my boxers as she opened her eyes , we stared at each others naked bodies , her hands started to find there way around my body she gently touched my nipples , she leaned forward and started to gently suck on them , I could feel her hand making its way down to my cock but she took her time , her warm hand was finally around my cock , her hand was soft as my fingers found its way between her legs , it was wet , it was warm it was ready

I carried her to the bed and layed her down I gently slid her panties off , I gazed at her pussy it was very neat and had no hair , I looked at what would be hors d’oeuvre ,before the main course , before I went down on her I whispered your body is beautiful she gave me smile as to say she was loving the compliment , I puckered up and kissed her outside pussy lips it was sweet it was tasty , as I slid my tongue inside I tasted her juices , I slid a finger inside and with a few brief come hither strokes as well as my tongue she had an earth shattering orgasm , her screams of passion made me realize it was a job well done, after she caught her breathe she smiled and said wow I really needed that , now my turn , she wasted no time as her mouth was on the head of my cock , it was warm , it was wet , it was how a blowjob should be , as she stroked my cock with her hand she started to lick my balls , oh how I loved that ! she swapped between hand and mouth and I was forced to hold back as I wanted to see my cum drip out of her juicy pussy , I lay her on her back as I gently kissed her breasts again I made her nipples wet with my saliva and then rubbed the head of my cock on them , she squirmed again loving the sensation , I then moved back down and opened her legs , the head of my cock found its treasure chest it was time I opened it with the only key I had , I watched as I slid my throbbing cock in and watched her eyes as they rolled back as I went in , I love doing that. As I entered her I felt a warmth ,it was smooth like silk , my cock was gliding in and out and I loved the sensation , I loved the way we fitted into each other with each stroke I felt as if I would want this to last forever , I looked at her and saw the intensity on her face , it was wild , it was raw , it was passion . she grabbed my ass and pulled me in as I felt her juices become one with my cock , she made an hmmm sound as she came again, I eased up on my stroking as I watched her come back to life , she said I want to ride you

I laid on the bed and watched as she positioned herself over my cock , she slid it in and started to grind me , I lay back in awe as I watched her beautiful breasts bounce with each grind I sat up and needed to taste those perky tits of hers again , a few licks and bites and she had another mesmerizing orgasm , I rolled her over and lifted her legs up over my shoulders and watched with baited breathe as my cock made its way into her honey tomb , the eyes rolled again as with each deep stroke I started pounding like the animal I had become , I had the perfect view as I glanced in the mirror , her legs were up in the air and the moans of pleasure further intensified my primal urge , I looked at her flustered face as a drop of sweat dropped from her forehead , as I was fucking her,her breasts caught my eye , her tits were perfect , I licked them again , her mouth and tongue found my nipples , she started to lick them and gently nibble them as my cock pounded her pussy , I felt an almighty orgasm coming , I wanted to hold it back but my cum just flowed out my cock , an array of emotions and feelings coupled with my throbbing cock as the last drop of semen spilled out , I slowly pulled out my cock and observed my handy work , a few seconds later cum started to trickle out her pussy it was thick it was creamy it was beautiful.

She laid there and slowly opened her eyes , she smiled and said Wow that was a lot

Her eyes were fixated on my cock , she said lay down , I did as she asked as her beautiful mouth found her way to my cock , she started to slowly lick my cock from the shaft as she guided those awesome lips over the head of my cock I watched as she gobbled up our juices that made my cock so silky , I loved the sensation as my cock became hard again , she started to slurp and I watched as gobbles of drool foamed around her mouth , the motion of her head bouncing up and down on my head was a real treat , her fingers found my nipples as she continued to blow me , I could myself nearing orgasm , she relentlessly pursued my cum as she tickled the head of my penis with her tongue , I held her head and guided her sloppy mouth over the head of my cock and finally a hot blast of cum shot out , she sucked gently on the head of my cock as I lay in awe of what just happened , she gently licked the last drop of cum with the tip of her tongue and proceeded to lay on my chest I held her and she could feel the steam radiate from our first sexual encounter , it was mesmerizing , it was intense , it was heartfelt , she closed her eyes and I drifted away to replaying our activities in my head

Hearts pounding , breathless , a moment in time