Written by Girly

16 Dec 2014

This is a true story and did indeed happen as described.

I was 19 and a first year at university. It was the June/July holidays and I had little to do but go out with friends and spend my time at home. My dad owned a logistics company and sometimes I wold go into work with him and help out with admin.

I had noticed that his workers were paying more attention to me as I matured and, while this was strange (me being raised in a racist home), I also enjoyed it.

I had noticed Samuel specifically....He was about 35, married and unskilled in most respects but was a truck driver. Rather well muscled and built. I asked my dad if I could ride along with him one day, this was something I had done many times. He agreed and said that I could do the paperwork upon arrival.

We got into the truck and I started making small talk with him, speaking about his family and how he felt about his job. I started to touch his leg with mine, just some thigh rubbing. I felt it hard to believe that I was interested and I think he struggled with the notion that his boss's young daughter was even touching him.

We got onto speaking about matters of sexuality and I slowly placed my hand upon his thigh, he was wearing the classic blue overall that all SA folks know about. We spoke further and I moved my hand further....Up his thigh that is.

I could see an erection starting to form and I blurted out "have you ever been with a white woman before?"

He appeared nervous and startled but immediately said "no, I have wanted to but it has never happened".

My hormone were raging and I moved my hand up towards the bulge in his pants. I could feel that is was thick and hard already but waited for a response...I got none, I think he was intimidated ad unsure but the erection gave away his real sensations. I continued to rub his bulge and he said that "it is not right for you to do that". I smiled and unzipped his pants. He was not wearing underwear and the first thing I recall is how rough his pubes were.

I was a rebel, I was sexually naughty and I wanted this experience.

I pulled out the thickest dark cock that I could have imagined at that tender age and began to stroke it. It was not circumcised which made the stroking easier and he continued to drive as I played with his dark cock and foreskin. He hardly acknowledged what was happening....It somehow turned me on that his cock was so hard, the situation so illicit, and his reaction so distant.....He did not want to find trouble but was getting his cock stroked by his boss's 19 yr old white daughter.

I stroked his face too, then he looked at me and pulled the truck over next to a dirt road. He pulled his blue pants right off and I saw the full glory of a large, thick, uncut black cock that was beautifully erect.

I continued to stroke while he removed my clothing, unveiling a white woman for the first time himself. I assisted with the bra and took my own panties and skirt off so that I was completely nude. Again, he was shocked and hesitant but the blood pulsing to his cock could not be denied.

We kissed briefly before he gave in and threw me down across the seat on my back, hovering over me. I was very wet but his eager thrust caught me as I had never received something so large, He pushed it all in with fury. The look on his face changed and I realised that all social nonsense was gone, this dark man was inside me and forcefully so.

He moved in and out in the missionary position and I slowly become accustomed to his size...Pain turned to ecstasy and he fucked me like there was no tomorrow with my legs in the air like a total slut. He then ly down on me so that his pubic bone touched and ground mine, including my clit. It was magic!

He slurped at my ears and neck but seemed afraid to kiss my mouth. The more he ground my mound and clit while inside me with his massive member - the closer I got to orgasm. I built and built inside that truck until I came so hard, I curled my toes, my body shuddered under his weight and my moans were more than audible :-).

After the orgasm I pushed him up into a sitting position and sat on top of him. Once again it wasn't easy getting him inside me but once he was in is was fantastic. I rode like there was no tomorrow, I let my inner instinct take over even though I knew that I was fucking my dad's black worker. It dawned on me that this was actually a real fantasy that had harboured.

We came together in a series of grunts and noises. His dark seed leaked out of me for the rest of the journey as we oddly attempted to behave as if the incident did not happen.

I still masturbate as I think of that encounter.