Written by justsomeguy

02 Nov 2013

hi, once more thanks for reading my story.

This time I was having the most beautiful girlfriend I would ever imagine I could have. Cute face, curvi body, hand-full tits with beautifuly perfect round nipples, a outcoming ass and definitely a beautiful pussy, shaved stretched skin and tight lips(touching tight close each side) and a clit hard to find. Was a quite romantic relationship, I had more girlfriends but never had felt attracted to lick their pussys. This one was diferent, I wanted to make her fell pleasure, make her feel like a woman, make her the dominant one. Took me some time to have sex with her, before we fucked the fist time I made sure that she was gonna enjoy when we make the step, long nights kissing in the neck, ears.. Well all the sensitive parts u can imagine, and with our clouths on we played a lot. She loved me to be on the top in the missionary position. Clouths on.. We had sex, really tight pussy, it was a big plesure for me and for sure for her also. She also loved to make deepthought so I decided I'm gonna do it and I'm really exited about it.

Certain morning she waked me up to work and after the good sex of the night before I was with a Bonner and open for a new round before work, she started to kiss me, I corresponded and I started my way. Kissed her hardly, small bites on her lips, then with my toung I licked until I reached the ear, I played and softly bited until she start deepbreathing on my ear, I started to go down to the neck I licked and sent a cold breath from my mouth ,sucked to make my mark and came down to her hot tits, she was very sensitive there also so I took care of the two of them without much time I started to touch her boiling wet pussy and with my toung always touching her body I came down and down until I reach her pussy, strange taste I thinked but was so exiting! My blood was flowing trough my cock like was gonna blow up my veins. What a beautiful pussy I thinked all the time and I told her it was my first time doing it what she never believed. With her voluptuous legs wide open looking at me she moaned as pushed my hair wile I was trying to apply some techniques. first I liked on her clit, not for long, then I when down to her cunt and liked bottom to the top making wet all over and licked her lips, I was feeling awesome and she just couldn't wait for more and more. I finger-fucked her wile sucking her clit, good Tight pussy I've eaten that day, I realized that I really like to lick a good pussy. I loved also the feeling on my finger of that soft wet skin inside her. . . No words for that. After she came she sucked my hardon , I seated in the ''bed side table'' and laying down on the bed she deeptroughted me with a lot of saliva like it should be. I whent to work ready for anything, finished my licking fist time. Since then I do it all the time aha