Written by bustybilady

27 Nov 2016

This story took place 3/4 years ago in Cape Town. I was at work one day extremly bored and horny, newly single so my mind was getting laid cause it's been months since I had some. I was going through sites looking at ads nothing really jumped at me so I decided what the hell let me place my own ad. Was straight toward "horny young black lady needs a good fuck". Place the ad and by now I am beyond nervous thinking what the hell have I done. Yet I was curious so I didn't delete it. Get lots of random replies, then I read Jays reply it was so funny and captivating I had to read it twice. We share pictures his older much older then me, but his cock turned me on I had to meet him. I give him my number he calls and says his close by my work, tell him what time I knock off. He agrees to pick me up for a drink, time comes I meet him a street away from my work place so no one sees. He gives me a hug and kiss drives us to a small bar . Must say I was impressed he was funny and a gentleman he orders me wine we talking and laughing few hand touching. I excuse myself go to the ladies, he texts me while I was in the ladies "take off your panties" I am tipsy by now so I do. Get back to the table he asks did I do it I say "Come feel" he puts his hand under the table and lifts up my dress and feels my pussy. He says "good girl" I am so horny now I tell him don't stop, look around nobody watching I open my legs wide for him and he fingers me I close my eyes and enjoy. He tells me don't come yet let's pay the bill and go. Our waiter comes he pays and we get in the car, by now it's dark outside he adjusts my seat. He fingers me while I play with my nipples, I am so wet at screaming for more fingers and for him to go harder. I finally come then tell him "your turn" I open his zip and finally I see his fat white meat. I kiss the head and lick the precum teasing him abit, he pushes my head I go for it. Sucking it down my throat gagging abit but I love it so I don't stop his moaning so I know his enjoying it. His fucking my mouth now and I am sucking him so hard, he tells me his close I should stop, I don't I want to taste his cum. He pushes my head deeper and cums all over my mouth. We finished up cleaned up he dropped me home, and hooked up many more times until I moved from the Cape.