Written by harvards

27 Jun 2013

Hi all

I would like to share my first (soft) swinging experience with you.

It was about ten years ago, the wife and I where both in our late twenties and we were at my sister’s wedding. We did not like the people on the groom’s side too much and we did not plan to stay too long. I do not drink but the wife does. At the reception we soon found our way to a group of people that felt the same way we did. To kill some time everyone in our group was drinking a lot, I did not mind as the topic of conversation was all about sex, and the woman where all too explicit and they where dry humping me and flashing now and then. I thoroughly enjoyed being there getting some attention from other woman and just listening to how slutty woman can get.

As soon as all the formalities were done and we ate, one couple invited us to leave the party and go with them to their house not too far away. I will call the husband “S” and the wife of that couple “L”. I enjoyed going to this couple because we would always listen to music and watch music DVD’s because S has great taste in music and a great sound system. S would always dig out great music that is not this main stream stuff. Just to give you an idea of the type of music S listens to go look for “Frank Duval” or a DVD that S showed me recently called “Blue man Group”. Odds are that you will not find “Blue man group” in South Africa but Frank Duval you will get at certain CD stores.

The wife and I agreed and went to their house. As usual we started listening to music. L was dancing and everyone was just in such a happy mood. L said that she needed to get more comfortable and right there in front of us se kicked off her shoes and she took off her knickers! L was wearing a short dress and the way she was dancing was to deliberately allow the dress to go higher than her waist. She was basically dancing there bottomless. L would give her husband the sexiest lap dance I have ever seen. L started to kiss S deeply, now and then L would jump off and sit on the ground and catch her breath from all the dancing. On the floor she would spread her legs wide and shout to S “Like jy wat jy sien” she would touch herself and tease S and lick her fingers. L was doing this without giving us any notice, it was like we were not even there. L then loosened S’s belt and wanted to give him a BJ. S was shy and got up from the couch took off his pants but turned away from us so that we could not see L giving S a BJ.

The wife and I was also kissing on the other couch and my wife would rub by dick through my pants, I loosened my belt and took off my pants, I asked my wife to also give me a BJ. At first she was not keen on doing it in front of other people but it must have only taken about two to three times to ask please before the wife complied. Soon we were all naked in the living room. L at one stage was riding S hard while he was lying on the floor. L was on top shouting at S “is dit lekker he is dit lekker”. S was clearly climaxing but L did not give a dam she held him down and she was basically raping S. S was begging her to stop but L just kept going and going.

It is difficult to think back and say exactly how things happened but another thing that comes to mind was that at one stage both the woman where lying on the ground head to toe while I was busy having sex with my wife in the missionary possession and S was having sex with his wife in the missionary possession. So basically if I looked to my left I was looking at S’s but as he was having sex with his wife and if he looked left he was looking at my but as I was having sex with my wife. While this was going on, my wife completely out of the blue started playing with S’s balls while he was having sex with his wife. S would withdraw now and then to allow my wife to play and stroke his penis, and then she would guide him back in to L’s pussie.

I got tired and went to sit on the couch to catch my breath. I left my wife on the floor and my wife and S started kissing. L came over to me and we started kissing. But while I was kissing L I kept on looking over her shoulder to see what my wife was doing I found this so erotic to see my wife with another man that I completely forgot about L and was not giving her attention she went down on me and I saw that my wife was giving S a BJ. All I wanted to do was to watch this. S I think was not too sure as to how I would react to it and reached over and switched off the TV that was the only source of light at the time. I guess L realised that my attention was not with her and she started to complain that it is dark and we cannot see what is going on and she basically used it as an excuse to stop what was happening. S still tried to move everything to the room and asked that we should stay, but it was late and I said that we should probably go.

We left and while we were driving home the wife was very excited and laughed and said that we are now swingers. When we got home the wife could not wait to fuck me. She pushed me on to the bed and straight away she got on top of me and she FUCKED me silly. While she was doing it she would say to me “was dit lekker om n ander man se vrou te naai?” I was trying to explain that I did not have sex with L, but the whole idea just made my wife so horney that she could not stop fucking me.

It went well for about a week, our sex life was never this great. And then all of a sudden the wife started getting feelings for S. We would have fights, the wife would say things like “no one ever made her feel more like a woman like S did” look it went rough for a while there was too much to consider. We had kids they had kids. I’m glad to say that we sorted out our problems and we will be happily married for 16 years this year. We only see S and L on Face book these days, nothing ever happened with them again afterwards.

The whole swinging thing was brought up again a while ago and we went to a Swingers club but we ran away from there as soon as we could and then about last year we had a full swing with a friend of mine and his wife. That also did not turn out so well but I will see from everyone’s response and I will decide if I will tell you about that one. Thanks for reading this far.

Kind regards

Harvard 1