15 May 2017

I'm only 21 and have been fascinated by this lifestyle since I was 18 but had no clue where to start. So at 19 I would check the net for guys in my area who were usually creepy so nothing really happened.

I joined this site and wow!!! So I had a chat with a number of guys here who were quite interesting. My first meet up was with a 53 year old man from England. Yes he was 53 and i was only 20. (I have a thing for older men) Unfortunately that didn't end well. He refused to use a Condom so I put on my clothes and left! There was no way I was taking a gamble with my life.

So after a while I was on the site but never made arrangements to hook with anyone. But rather just scroll thru to see what you guys are up to.

8 months later I decided to join the hunt again. Found a 39 year old guy who lives just 8km away from me. We chatted back and forth for 2 weeks and ended up meeting up. He came and picked me up from my estate to his apartment.

felt like I had known him my whole life. We had great conversations over a bottle of good wine. He cooked but we never got to the eating. He instead had me for dinner. His tool was just the right size. He introduced to a whole of sex positions and toys I've never seen. I came multiple times and for the 1st time I actually squirted.

He couldn't keep his hands off me. We had sex for 3 good hours. Unfortunately I had to leave - had an early morning. On our way out her grabbed me back inside and he took off my clothes and we did in on the kitchen counter. Omg it was amazing.

On the drive back he told me how I made him feel alive again. His wife had never stepped up to the plate since they had their 1st child. That's when I realised that I never bothered to ask if he was married. I felt like shit...It was never my plan to fuck married men - especially without their wives acknowledgement.

Ever since then he hasn't stopped calling me trying to get the next fix. It was a great fuck.. but I don't wanna feel like a homewrecker