Written by redbruce

17 Aug 2012

I answered Max’s call. “A few of us friends are getting together to play tomorrow. There’ll be a lady present. Are you interested?” My answer was “Absolutely!” Barry and Max arrived at the venue just before me, and I was introduced to Barry. I knew Max was Bi, turned out that Barry is too, and they’ve played together before a few times. But where was the lady, Barry’s long-term friend Laila? (all names have been changed to protect identities!)

Laila arrived soon, and she was lovely! Max, Barry and I are all in the late-50s / early 60s age group, and I had expected the lady friend to be a similar age, possibly a bit saggy and “over-the-hill” like the rest of us. Laila was probably early-mid 40s, curly long black hair, slim and elegant, looking like she had just come from an executive meeting in her charcoal trouser suit and white blouse, heels and stockings. She and Barry greeted and kissed like the old friends they are; Max, who had played with her previously, also got a friendly greeting, and I was introduced as the newbie. (So, I’m a bit of a late starter!...)

While we were undressing, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Laila. As she removed her bra, I saw the loveliest pair of titties that I have seen in the flesh in a good few years – a gorgeous pert size B, with small dark areolas and a pair of exquisite nipples already (or always?) erect and poking out at least a centimetre. Max announced, for Laila’s and again for Barry’s benefit “Just so you know, Bruce isn’t Bi. But he does like to watch.” Laila, now fully naked, turned to me and said “well, I hope that he likes girls, though?” Once again my answer was “Absolutely”, and I took those gorgeous tits in my hands and started enjoying the feel and then the taste of those jutting nipples. She reached down and started playing with my cock, and then I realised that, standing next to me, Max and Barry were watching us and starting to play with each other’s cocks. First time I had seen that happening…

Laila lay back on the bed, and offered me her pussy to eat, fingers on either side to open herself up a little. Wow! For the first time in my life I started licking a clean-shaven pussy! Another “first”, and what an absolute pleasure! Max and Barry also lay down, and they continued entertaining each other, while also playing with Laila’s boobs.

Barry enjoys being rimmed, so Laila made him lie back, and pull his legs up. She bent down to the level of his cherry, but with her butt up in the air so that (intentionally) from behind I had a lovely view of her rear end, and then could continue to eat and play with her shaven pussy while she rimmed Barry (never seen that before either), with Max wanking Barry in front of Laila’s nose.

Then Barry suggested that Laila mount him, reverse cowboy style, so that I could continue to lick her clitty while she rode him. What an experience, another "first" or two (as quite possibly, some of the time, I was also licking Barry’s shaft and glans for him as Laila lifted up on his shaft, which I am sure is what he wanted!). After a while Barry said to Laila, “let’s show them what you really like”, and entered her from behind while she lay face down on the bed, and fucked her really hard, causing her to cum and cry out in pleasure. Barry evidently has great staying power, and Max and I were treated to a fantastic performance, as we lay on either side of Laila each with a hand cupped under Laila’s tits and felt the power of their passion.

After sucking me back to full erection, Laila placed a condom on me, lay back on the bed and said “your turn, Bruce”! And I wasn’t going to be saying “no”!! I entered her, missionary position, and she pulled her knees back for deeper penetration. I was vaguely aware that Max and Barry were watching, and after a while Barry said “I wonder if Bruce has ever had someone fondle his balls while he’s doing that”! And without waiting to find out if I had, or if I wanted it, he started to fondle anyway. Quite a pleasurable experience, and as I came inside Laila, Barry gave a couple of good but gentle squeezes of encouragement! And that was yet another first!

And so we carried on enjoying each other’s presence for a good while. The finale was Barry taking Laila doggy style, standing behind her while Laila leaned across my legs to suck Max’s cock, while Max and I played with her gorgeous swinging tits. Both Barry and Laila experienced massive orgasms, and Laila collapsed in a heap on Max and me on the bed. What a morning of delights, and a whole lot of “first time ever” experiences for this newbie!! Laila and Barry, what a pleasure to meet you! Max, thanks again for the invite! Will we be getting back together again soon? Hell, yes!!! The sooner the better!