16 Sep 2015

One morning out of the blue, after a long time of absence, Mr T drops me a whatsapp message, asking how we doing. He gets the answer we all fine to which he responds," what are you guys up to. " Nothing much was my answer, and he says he will call later. He says goodbye and in passing I mention to Charles that Mr T called but didn't say much.

Later that same day Mr T actually did call to ask if he could come around that evening. All excited I answered yes but will also get Charles to confirm. We never do or play alone. I told Charles about the call and asked him if he was okay with it. It must have been my excitement that got Charles all excited too. I told him that he would have to text Mr T to confirm, which he willingly and eagerly did.

By now you should know that I have this very tender spot for our Mr T. I could feel my juices start to flow just with the thought of him coming around. Mr T told Charles that he would be bringing a friend along as well. Charles mentioned this to me and said that it was to be another female. I was a bit disappointed when I found it was another male but agreed anyway. Now my mind started to work overtime trying to imagine what was to happen. Maybe I should mention that because of this soft spot, Mr T had this ability to get me to do things out of my comfort zone. I became more and more anxious as the day went by, thinking of Mr T and his naughty twin Charles, as I now refer to them.

Well, the day finally came to and end and soon we were on our way home. When we arrived at home I did somethings then went to bath and freshen up. It was the heart of winter and very cold. After bathing , I got dressed in a onesie (an all in one winter pj's with a zip from neck to pussy.) Not one of Charles's favorite clothing items. Also I must mention that I had on no undies. Just in case things went in the right direction, (eye wink.)

Well the time arrived when Charles received the text message that Mr T and friend were outside. He went out to meet them. Oh, forgot to mention that we moved from our Grassy Park location to Retreat and that there now were two massive dogs on the premises. That's why the escort for them. Once safely inside Mr T introduced his friend to us, Me thinking, okay, not to bad, and my mind starts to wonder again. Let's refer to our new friend as Mr J for this story. Mr T, as before had again brought a bottle of Red heart Rum, coke and ice . Charles poured us all a round and we made small talk while sitting in the kitchen.

After a while we moved to the lounge area, had more drinks there. More small talk which slowly moved in the direction of sex. I was a bit scared thinking of what was to happen, three guys at the same time?. What am I letting myself in for, but as time went by and the influence of the rum I started to feel more relaxed and may I say daring.

Remember now it's the heart of winter and being new in the place we had no artificial heating at all. So when Charles dared me to take off my onesie I actually had second thoughts about playing because it was so cold but of course the Terrible Twins kept on and I eventually gave in on condition that I could put on a track top. This was agreed to and I invited Charles to come and undress me. He did so and we moved to sit on the couch with Messr's T and J sitting on the two lounge chairs attentively watching me being undressed.

I was now sitting next to Charles and Mr T came over to join us, Mr J remained where he was not knowing what he was supposed to do. Also not sure if he was going to be invited to join or not. I turned around and sat my knees on the couch presenting my ass in Mr J's direction. Charles started rubbing my ass and I reached out to unzip Mr T to take out his cock which was all hard and ready. I took him in my mouth and started to suck on that good cock of his. While doing so I looked straight at Mr J. Charles got off the couch and came to kneel behind me. I felt his tongue start to explore my pussy. Mr J still sat watching and I heard Charles call over to him to join. I lost interest in him sitting there because Charles's tongue was moving between my clit, pussy hole and asshole sending shivers through me while still enjoying Mr T's cock in my mouth.

Charles again beckoned for Mr J to join us and this time he came over. I saw the front of his pants showed a big rise and I felt my knees weaken, not knowing if it was excitement or fear of the unknown. Charles came to sit next to me to make place for Mr J to sit where he was. I was still on my knees and my pussy, now dripping with love juices, was still in the air in front of Mr J. Charles got up and undressed and stood for a while watching me give Mr T a tongue lashing, enjoying the sight of Mr Ts cock moving in and out f my mouth. I felt Mr J start fingering my pussy all slow and gentle, working in and out. I beckoned Charles to come nearer and started giving him a blowjob to. Alternating between Mr T and him.

Mr J stopped, got up and got undressed and as he removed his pants I got a glimpse of his cock. Shorter than Mr T and Charles but much thicker. Oooooh I could wait to feel that in me. Charles moved again to behind me and I felt him enter me doggy style firm but gently. I was by now so damn horny that it felt good to have my man so deep in me. Mr J came to stand next to me and I got hold of his cock to and started to suck him as well. wow he was quite thick. Charles was giving me a good fuck, thoroughly enjoyable. While I continued giving head to Mr T and J thinking what more could a girl want. This was Paradise and it was only starting.

Charles stopped and I rolled onto my side and Mr T came to kneel besides me and started to finger my pussy.I felt him enter me and started pumping away with all haste. Mr J came around and sat next to me. I got hold of him and started sucking him again Damn this was so good and at the same time new to to me. Two cocks pleasuring me and not one of them belonging to Charles. Mr T stopped, got up and came to sit on the couch. I moved towards him and mounted him and started to ride him hard and fast. It felt so good having him deep and hard inside me. I then felt a hand start rubbing mypussy from behind and then a cock slowly started to find its way into my pussy. I started to object but saw that it was Charles. Him and his evil twin had spoken about double penetrating my pussy and I decided to experience this. Slowly I felt Charles's cock stretch my pussy, sore at first but as I got used to it, most enjoyable. My dream, My man and favorite male playing partner both sharing my pussy at the same time. I felt myself build up to a big climax and shouted in pure bliss and pleasure as I came soaking both their cocks with my juice.

I felt Charles start to move erratically as he pulled out and came all over my back. I felt Mr T tighten and got off him as he shot his load into space, cock pulsating heavily. Mr J was sitting on the couch next to us and I went over to him, mounted him facing forward as I started to rock on him. While doing this I bent over touching my legs with my head giving Mr J a good view of his cock inside me. That thick cock felt just as good as the two that was in me a moment ago. I felt him deep inside me and rode him hard. I felt him start to tighten and I stopped and turned around on him to face him, looking him in the eye when I felt Mr T come up behind and felt his cock start to enter me again. Wow my second double penetration in one night. Oh did someone say it was cold, boy I was not feeling it at all. Both were slowly moving in me and I was in ecstasy as I felt both of them come deep inside me together.

We just flopped down, well satisfied and just lay there gasping for air. Charles gathered our glasses and went into the kitchen to pour us all a fresh drink. It felt damn good to feel that ice cold rum running down my throat. What an evening, My first MMFM and double penetration, all in one night.We just sat around making small talk again I glanced at the wall clock and saw that it was well after three. Boy does time fly when you having fun.

We have since experienced some more good MFMFM pleasures but also one Saturday afternoon a FMFMF experience where I had my first Tantric Massage..........A story for another time