18 Aug 2015

I had joined the swinging sites and looked and looked for that moment of pure bliss. My trip to Club Rome in 2013 yielded few results other than banging a chick in the dark room. The rest of the evening was spent stroking my cock while watching other couples fucking. But it was the best moment ever. An atmosphere of people who did not judge anybody but enjoyed themselves. I attended few events with no luck of hooking up later at a private venue.

Until I stumbled upon a website called Person.com. While browsing, I came across a profile of a mature white lady probably in her late fifties. She had a sexy lingerie on and called on Men who wanted to fuck a mature lady. To show how serious she was, she even put her phone numbers on her profile. And so I responded, we chatted and chatted trying to know each other. Eventually, I got to speak to the husband. He was a very cool guy. A middle-aged Afrikaans couple who were highly openminded. We then arranged for a night of bliss. I got ready, took a bath and got into my car around 6pm on a Saturday. The trip took me to Krugersdorp.

I arrived in Krugersdorp around 18h45pm, met with the husband who welcomed me very well. He proceeded to tell me that his wife was a nympho. For a 29 year old Black guy to fuck a mature, clean and discreet woman was super. I got a hard on just imagining her. When we got to the lounge....there she appeared....She was wearing a red lingerie with no panties on, she smelled nice...hubby watched as we kissed passionately. There was no chit chat but locking of lips and touching. We stripped each other...continued kissing and I went down on her and munch that mature pussy...sucked and licked until she was wet. Hubby was seating on the couch enjoying the moment. She sucked my dick...it was the first time that I got sucked like that...It was so niiiiiiiicee. She took my penis and directed it to her moist, mature pussy....I found myself inside...and fucked her so good...her moaning and pleasurable kisses made the lovemaking so beautiful. I took her on the couch and continued to fuck her on the floor. I shot my load on her face and breasts eventually. She sucked the cum so nicely.

I then rested and watched hubby fucking her. This was a beautiful moment because I had never been with a couple never mind White one. After they fucked, we then chatted about this and that while sipping wine and having snacks. Around 1h00am we went to take a bath and proceeded to fuck in bed. It will be me and then hubby....Finally we all slept. I woke up not in a rush in the morning back to my place. Up to today, I still cherish the moment I had with them. We are still in contact but unfortunately the grandchildren stay with them full time now. I doubt whether I will ever meet such a nice couple.