Written by Superkevin

01 Mar 2013

So after our first taste of each other we both cannot keep our hands off each other...

So we at the volleyball court, both of us watching a game when all of a sudden she says "Ladies shower - 2 mins" and walks off.

I go through the other entrance and she's waiting for me at the door. She makes sure no one is in, takes my hand and I follow her to a cubicle.

We start with keep kissing and fondling. She takes off her pants, pulls mine down and stands against the wall pulling me to her. She puts her one leg on the wall to give me more room. Its a tad bit arkward but we made do. After a few minutes she has her first orgasm and bites my shoulder so she doesnt scream out. We then decide to lay down on the floor as now she wants me to cum.

We dont even feel the cold floor as be both sweating and panting. Her legs are almost on my shoulders and I put my hands under her head to support it. I wasnt long before I was close. I whisper to her that I am and she increases the pace. I explode all on her tummy n collapse on her. We slowly and softly change back and she walks out to make sure the coast is clear. We both like nothing happened walk back to the courts and sit and watch the game.

An hour or 2 later all the games are done and we decide its time to call it a night.

As we walkingto our cars she says follow me and she drives to a secluded place in the corner of the parking area.

She jumps into my car and tells me she wants to do it again...in my car...in the parking area.

We both jump in the back to the back seat and off goes the pants again.

She gets onto me and starts riding like there's no tomorrow. I pull up her top and bury my face in her breasts, giving each one some attenetion. We can hear people chatting and laughing near us but we both dont give a shit at this stage. She has 2 orgasms before I cum. The windows are misted up and it looks like that scene in Titanic minus the hands on the windows. We get dressed once more and now have to get going without anyone spotting us. Alls well that ends well and we depart.

The next day we are unable to meet at lunch as we both caught up at work. We decide to meet at a McDonalds on her way home. It's a bit out of my way but I agree. We again park a little further away from everyone else but the place fills up quite quickly. We cant do anything crazy so we just sit n chat having a smoke. Next thing I know the subject changes to sex and she tells me she's wet. She tells me to loosen my belt and unzip my pants. Next thing I know she's holding my now hard cock in her hand and sucking her lips. Thankfully my windows have very dark tint so I roll up all of them. She then reclines my seat a bit and gives a mind blowing BJ. It wasnt long before I felt I was cumming and try to get her off. She sucks me deeper and faster and all off a sudden I explode in the mouth. To my surprise she swallows all of it. She looks up at me, licks her lips, gives me a peck on the cheek and says bye...leaving me still in a bit of shock.

She drives off with a naughty smile and calls me a few minutes later. She ealier that day told me she has a surprise for me to thank me for the previous night and never could I have guessed it was that.