Written by hotstudkzn

13 May 2015

My third entry.....

Well my first interracial encounter began befew months ago met a girl on the site married as I am and keen to try out some spice in her life

Well I guess she had made the right choice

Well after afew mails we finally decided to meet

we met at a shopping centre and went for coffee I had just finished off with a meeting so I was in my suite and on my arrival met her in a short skirt sexy strap top and heels .... my kinda girl thoughts rushing thru my mind as we sat and enjoyed each others company we spoke as if we were old buddies so I didnt think it was going to go anwhere from there but as I walked her to her car I hinted would you like to join me at my beach cottage sometime .... being married I dont always have time to myself so she said why not .....

I left her in her got my car and picked her up

We proceed ed to the cottage when on the way I could not take my eyes of her milky skin ... while driving we were like two teenages kissing and fondling each other until I got onto the freeway where she unzipped me and gave me the most amazing blow job while driving it was really intense and adrenaline pumping I enjoying hearing her gag on my rod

We arrive at the house and on entering walking in I lead her to the bedroom I push her against the wall kissing her from the back she feeling my manhood against her

I then bent her over the bed were I enjoyed eating her vanilla pussy licking it sucking it feeling her hands grab my hair she moaned and groaned while I ate her pink puss enjoying every moment until she could not take it anymore she pushed me onto the bed and slide my thick hard cock into her riding me like it was her first hard and deep while I sucked her delicious c cup tits I moved her off me as I was about to come but was not ready for the fun to end

I fingered her for abit the lended her on all fours were I starting to fuck her as I could

Grabbing onto her hair arching her back as I fucked deeper teasing her ass with my finger she came again and I ould not hokd it much longer and came all over her ass

Hmmm I was satisfied and enjoyed my first white pussy we kissed and got dressed and left

Looking forward to my next encounter ..... who will the lady be

Thanx mrs xxxx you know were to find me ....