Written by Superkevin

14 Feb 2013

Into: I play action volleyball regulary and that's where I met this white hot girl.

We both play at the same court on the same evenings. We both head to the courts directly after work as traffic is way too heavy to go home first.

Story: I usually get to the arena at 5pm, change into my gear and have a couple drinks before the crowd comes in. I noticed over 3 weeks that she sits by herself and plays on her phone to occupy herself.

One evening, while not many people around, she asked me if I could play for her team as they were one short. Being the kind person that I am including my love for the sport I agreed. We exchanged bbm pins and got chatting over a few drinks.

She is married and has 2 lovely girls. I am too, with one girl. This sparks an immediate common ground and now we know more about each other. Being an indian guy I didnt think much of it other then it being a normal conversation.

The following day I bbm her asking if she would like to go for coffee. After what seemed like ages she agrees and we meet at a Wimpy at the mall. She only has an hours lunch so quick coffee and chatting then its time for her to go.

We continued to meet during our lunch hour but now we meet at a sort of quiet area with minimum traffic.

We started with light, brisk kisses which soon turns turns into heavy french kissing. We cant keep our hands off each other and soon even our skype chats turns into sex chat.

We decide that enough is enough and she takes a half day from work, bbm me to say she's sorted on her end, now its my turn.

I'm quite flexible at work so I set up a 'meeting' with a 'client' for 2-3 hours to get out of the office.

I make a reservation at a local hotel and we meet there.

We both a bit nervous as we never did this before. I light us both a smoke and we sit and chat to calm down.

She then decides to take control and gets on top of me and starts kissing.

Within a few minutes our clothes are on the floor and she pulls me on top of her. I begin with kisses on her lips then down to her breasts and her hard nipples. I look up and her eyes are closed and she's biting her bottom lip. I move to her tummy and then down to her very wet pussy. I slowly part her lips and savour her sweet wetness. I am quite the expert at that as I read alot on pleasing a woman. Her breathing becomes heavier and she cums for the first time. She pulls me up, positions me and says, i want u inside me. I dont have to be asked twice and immediately enter her, slowly at first, enjoying the moment. I slowly increase the pace and we go faster and harder in no time. She cums quickly again, then again, and again, and again. 4 times in total until I explode. We both layed there exhausted and sweaty. We have a smoke complimenting each other how great it was. We havent even completely done smoking when she pulls me onto her and we start all over again. This time I take it easy, slowly then fast and hard, making her cum then slowing down again. She once again cums another 4 times and just as I was about to cum she says she close. I hold it back as long as I can and we both cum with heavy breathing.

I still have an hour before I have to be back at the office, so after another smoke break and a bit of water, she decides it's my turn to be teased. She kisses me all over starting on my chest and works her way down to my semi hard dick. She takes her time down there, taking me in as much as she can. She's works her tongue like an expert and as soon as I was hard again, she hops ontop of me and rides me like a real cowgirl. She throws her body back allowing more of me in her. Suddenly I feel myself wanting to cum...I dont blame myself, this girl is an pro on top. She thankfully tells me she's close and I hold it back as much and long as I can. She sarts riding her harder, moving faster and before long she moans and falls on me. She kisses me deeply, then looks me in the eyes and says " How was that ride cowboy?"

A quick check of the time and I have to get out of there. We freshen up and get dressed and leave on our seperate ways.

We both know it was a first for both of us....and damn it will ot be the last.....